Thursday, January 1, 2015

Luke is 7!

It is official, it is 2015, which also means that it is Luke's birthday, and now Ethan and Luke are no longer the same "size" (as they say), meaning that they were both 6 for 2 days!  It also means that "Birthday Week" at the Hutchings is finally over!  5 kids' birthdays between Christmas and New Year's is fun, but it is also the opposite of fun at the same time!

Luke, our loving, sweet, kind, fireball of a child has turned 7.  I can't believe that he is 7.  7 years ago we were blessed to be able to be parents a second time over as someone who had so much love for this child Luke, chose us to be his parents.  We are forever in her debt, and couldn't feel more love for her at this time as well as for our son Luke.  Luke has so much love for his siblings, the babies anyway, he and the older boys have discovered that their relationships are best friend and worst enemy all in one!  But with the babies, this 7 year old is the sweetest, kindest older brother that the babies could have asked for.  Not only have we as parents taught Luke the ways of the world, he has taught and continues to teach us how to be parents, patient parents.  He has so much energy and passion, we need to find what it is in life that will allow him to let it all out, be it wrestling, karate, football, soccer, whatever it may be he will be the best, because that is who he is, if he loves it, he will dominate it!  We love this child so much!  Happy Birthday Lukey!

2 Days old
Today, 7 years old

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