Friday, September 25, 2015

Time to Catch Up!

Much thanks to "Ar P", whoever you are, for commenting on my last post and letting me know that I could do better than one post every 6 months.  So, this one's for you "Ar P", wherever and whoever you are.  So, first things first...everyone needs to know that we are alive and well.  To sum up the last 6 months:

We have moved from Kirksville, MO to Ballwin, MO 
The truck is as big as the house!
Emily and her Kirksville Ladies
Goodbye Kirksville campus
Hello St. Louis campus
We finally (after 6 years) burned our moving boxes!
Kinda funny to think that some of these boxes were as old as Ethan!

We drove to Maryland for a family reunion.  I would have put up all of the pictures I took of the state signs, but Emily thinks I'm a nerd for taking all of them, and so you all don't think I am a nerd, I will refrain from putting them up. 
Best slip-n-slide ever!
Family picture fun (we needed to have Anderson strapped in so he wouldn't run away)
The family invaded the hotel pool, and surpassed the hot tub capacity by about triple the max capacity
Dulles Air and Space Museum, that is the Discovery shuttle
Family Bonfire night
Anderson did not like the zipline
Cousins and the D.C. temple

I flew home to start my third year of dental school 
We learn 2 things from this letter.  1) I passed 2nd year, and 2) I had at least a 2.0 gpa
Funny story, summed up...bullet through the window!
My home for the next 2 years
The dam. Sorry to those of you who come and see me and need to have this placed.  No fun! 
Because I'm a nerd, I have taken pics of all the teeth I have extracted.  I was going to put more up, but Emily said no.
So, here is one of them

Emily thought the drive to Maryland was so fun she decided to drive from MD to Georgia and stay there for a couple more weeks, then I flew to GA and we all drove home together.  
Tired kids, lots of road work
Wild horses, on the beach in Maryland

While Emily was driving for those couple of weeks, I was going to school and then coming home and doing some remodeling on our home, all while trying to keep the pool a decent shade of blue.  Let me interject something here, I do not recommend owning a pool unless you are able to afford to pay someone to help keep it clean, even if you think you will have time to do it yourself, HIRE someone!!!  This pool of ours has seen every shade of blue, but more unfortunately, it has also seen every shade of green, and it was mostly somewhere in between.  It wasn't until just recently that we were finally able to see the bottom of the deep end, and then the weather got chillier and the pool got greener again.  Bah!
More during
Finished (for the most part)

50 Shades of GREEN:
Here it is at least with a little blue tint

This summer we also took a weekend trip over to Indianapolis to go to the LDS temple open house, which was a really neat experience, we then drove over to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and checked out the museum there.  Finally, we were able to meet up with my cousin-brother Nate and his family who live in D.C. but just happened to be in Indy the same weekend.  
Indianapolis Indiana LDS Temple
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
This is the Official pace car from this year's race

We have spent countless hours and Saturdays exploring our new stomping grounds that is the St. Louis Metro area, which we have absolutely fallen in love with (and just may call it home permanently), we have been making great new friends as well.  One of the best things about living here is that it is a great pit stop for visitors that are travelling across the country, it is also just a fun and much more exciting place to visit than where we had been (sorry, Kirksville, we loved you, but our visitors did not!).
One of the new parks in our area
The "Rock Park"
Even though you can't see it, I got a nice outdoor chair for Father's Day
Cooper and the Nauvoo Lego temple
Missouri Botanical Gardens
St. Louis Cardinals Mormon Night
Hike in Meramec State PArk
FredBird, Mini-FredBird (Cooper), and Luke at our neighborhood park 
Luke at the Parkway South Homecoming Parade (we got enough candy for Haloween!)
Botanical Gardens again
Luke admiring the height of the STL temple
More from "Rock Park"
Friends, Labor Day, and kickball
Fun visit from Grandma and Poppy Jewkes
The brothers and their Tae-Kwon-Do lessons
Krispy Kreme pirate day.  I love Bennett's face in this pic, classic Bennett
Not quite the ABQ Balloon Fiesta, but it is beautiful scenery, and we had a lot of fun

Friday, March 20, 2015

Our House, and I Learned Something

A lot of people have asked for pictures of our home in St. Louis, so they will be placed here.  Let me share the story with you of how we were blessed to find this home.  Friday the 13, March, 2015, I did not have school, so Emily and I decided to go to St. Louis and find a home for us since we are moving there in a couple of months.  A HUGE thanks to Caitlin for watching our 6 little rugrats for the weekend (that is no easy task let me assure you).  Em and I went down and we just knew we were going to find our house.  Well, Friday the 13th stayed true to its name and was just evil to us, rained all day, and didn't give us any real options (I think we looked at about 7-8 houses that day).  There was one, but I am pretty sure that the oven door wouldn't open because it would have hit the fridge if there was a fridge there, but the rest of the house was nice, even the graffiti on the basement walls was tastefully placed!  We were pretty certain Friday night that it just wasn't going to happen, we weren't going to find our house, and then we would have no clue what to do.  So, we went to bed very discouraged, and woke to see that our options were running very slim, like 2 more houses to look at, that weren't the best, but we were going to look at them anyway.

Our suspicions were right, none of the houses told us to buy them.  While we were driving between houses, our realtor called someone that she was in the process of getting paperwork ready to list their property in April.  She told the lady our price point, and the lady said that they would definitely consider it, so the lady said that we could come and look but not until 12:30 because she wanted to clean it up first, that was fine with us because we were out of options at this point and we were very hopeful for one last home to look at.  Well, long story short, this was it!  We found our home, unlisted, under contract that day because our realtor was their realtor and was on the phone with them the whole time agreeing to whatever we were asking of them.  For us, it was a miracle.  So, now come May 4, 2015, we will be homeowners again, and you are all welcome to come and party it up in the Hutchings' Cabana. Just check out the pics:

13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
Pool, yes, we have a pool
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
The gathering area, with exterior fireplace
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
Study Fireplace
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
Family Room, and Dining area
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
Dining area and Kitchen
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
Exercise Room complete with bar, will be the brothers room with no bar and neutral carpet
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
Bathroom #1 (yes there are more than 1!) with counter space!
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
This will be the guest "nook"
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
The bar/grill area (yes, that is a grill in the basement)
13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Ballwin MO
The basement fireplace, with built in semi circle couch, great for "world cafe's"

I learned something this week.  I learned that trying to take care of 6 kids ages 2-8 is a very difficult thing.  Props to my wife!  She has had a tooth bothering her, and it needed a root canal.  So, she did the sensible thing and flew to Idaho Falls to get it taken care of.  HUGE thanks to Uncle Dave for taking care of said root canal.  Makes me realize that when I am an actual dentist, I need to really help family out.  Anyway, so as she was in Idaho, Dad was here with all the kids wondering how in the world she does this day in and day out.  Then I realized something.  As little as I do around here, because of school, the little bit that I do do is a huge help.  Even if it is for just a couple hours a day.  It is a much needed break for Emily to mentally escape for a couple of hours without the kids hanging on her every minute of every day, that is enough to drive anybody CRAZY!!!  I love my kids, and I would do anything for them, but boy am I glad that Emily is home now!