Sunday, April 13, 2014

Post of Pictures

So, I haven't done a lot with the blog for a while.  I think that with the exception of the Branson post, it has been since before Valentine's Day, 2 months ago.  So, instead of writing what's happened, I will just put up a bunch of pictures.  I hope you enjoy!
Filling out our Valentine's Dinner Menus
A bunch of digging going on
Ethan decided to feed the babies on his own
A game of frisbee 500 one cold night
Luke showing us his frisbee throwing skills
Taya swinging, with the hair a little more in control
Rock throwing at the lake
My daughter, the John Deere enthusiast...yeah!!!
Anderson lost a battle to a PB & J!
Enjoying their nutella/banana quesadilla
Bennett liked his too!
So did Lukey!
Cooper liked it so much he was licking his napkin!
Cooper's robot invention
Crazy Kitchen, notice our garbage cans are all up high now!
Anderson trying his Elvis impersonation
Anderson helping with dishes
An easy way to fall the scriptures
Intense game of Monopoly 
Luke and Ethan, our resident engineers.  Look out NASA
Look at the curl on this pigtail! 
Cooper was caught in the candy dish
Bennett's Soccer Skills

Bennett and Taya having fun!

Look who's walking...finally, at 15 months!

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