Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good Times!

I'm just giving you a heads up, this post will contain a bunch of pictures.  The majority of which will contain food.  Why does it give us so much enjoyment to take pictures of kids while they are stuffing their faces with cakes, cookies, chocolate, etc?  I don't have an answer to that question, except that it's kinda funny, as you will see below.  We will start with the simple eating of a frosted cookie: 
Exhibit A: How to eat a cookie in a dignified way
Exhibit B: How to just make a cookie disappear
Exhibit C: How to scrape the frosting that stuck to your hand with a leftover piece of cookie
that fell from your brother's cookie close enough to you so you could clean off your hands

For Valentine's Day, all of the kids (babies included) received a large Hershey's Kiss.  The older boys ate them down, no mess.  The babies on the other hand, are still working on perfecting the art of eating a kiss.  We have discovered that between the three of them, there are three different ways to eat one.  I give you:
Exhibit A:  The dainty princess way 

Exhibit B: The shove the whole thing in your mouth way

Exhibit C: I don't quite know what to name this one, except,
"What? Me? No, I didn't eat a Hershey's Kiss"
I am going to include some pictures of the oldest three now.  We generally don't take too many pictures of them, I don't know why, but since I have them I will put them up.  I guess that way in case they go missing on us in the next few days, we will have a most recent picture of them out there.  So, if you see them and you recognize them from the picture here on the blog, please make sure they are warm, and they are wearing their coats because it is kind of cold outside, and they might not have their coat on.  Thanks in advance (of course, that is if it actually happens that they show up missing):
Cooper, Age 7.  Missing several teeth
Luke, Age 6.  Missing 2 teeth
Ethan, Age 5.  Missing no teeth, but will soon be
missing all of his teeth if he keeps eating treats.
The most exciting thing happened to us while Emily went on her sister's retreat to Dallas (her leaving was not the most exciting thing), Cooper lost his "wooden" tooth!!!  All in thanks to Ethan's roughness, and the strength of his head against a loose tooth.  I have to put that in the happiest 10 days of my life, maybe even #6.  Getting married is #1, kids being born take up days #2-5, and day #6 would be the day Cooper lost that tooth!  It was even more exciting than finding out I got into dental school (OK, that's a lie, but they are pretty much one in the same right?  They both deal with teeth.)  Anyway, because I know you all want to see it, here it is (the tooth):
I placed it on a white paper plate, so you could see the contrast of the
color of the tooth vs. what it should have been
OK.  I will now put up a bunch of random photos, enjoy!
This is when you run out of boy jammies, and you have extra girl jammies.
Try and guess which is the real girl.
Speaking of finding the real girl
Here is a picture of the real girl, with a real big poop!  Yuck!
The real girl's foot is on the left, Bennett's is on the right.  Advantage: Bennett
Bennett and Ethan trying to find Waldo
Usually you see what is happening above the triplet table, here is a view of the under side of the table
Taya's mohawk after taking her antenna out 
Um, yeah
Taya wanted her blankie
Mom and babies
Have a nice day!

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