Saturday, January 11, 2014

Missouri! It's Official!

We are now Missourians, officially.  We have the license plates and the driver's licenses to prove it.  Now, in our short 10 year marriage, Emily and I have been Utahns (3 separate times), North Carolinians, Georgians (2 separate times), Floridians, New Mexicans, and Missourians.  Given that I am a Mormon, I will say that I am grateful that Missouri has recently (in 1976) ratified the "1838 Mormon Extermination Order" so we can now sleep in peace at night!  Sorry, bad attempt at humor.

There have been some great times here, and there have been some things that we can do here and no where else we have lived (that might also be because we have never lived outside of city limits), like gettin' our Redneck On!  We have learned how to Recycle, we have learned to build our own targets in the winter time, and how to catch mice.  It has been fun, but I'm pretty sure Emily misses her favorite store, Target, so I don't think we will be able to live like this for much longer.  Plus we live in a winter time icebox!  Just this last Monday we had a high of -2 degrees, and if I remember correctly the wind chill was like -22 degrees, yes, it is cold!
Redneck Recycling
Cooper shooting at his homemade target

Here are some random pictures from the last little while, Enjoy!
From April 2013
From Jan 2014 (Dad has the same shirt on in both pictures,
looks like he needs a trip with Emily to Target!)
Grandpa with Bennett
Who is this stranger?
Taya finally warmed up to Grammy
Almost OK for a picture
The Snowman we built
This is a Taya Tantrum, usually she is screaming her head off, pelvic thrusting and pushing herself head first into whatever object she runs into first.  She saw the camera and quickly lost the screaming to make a quick pose...Diva!

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