Monday, January 27, 2014

Free time...kinda!

I have a minute that is not needing me to study, or look something up for school, or anything else.  Emily is having a "Bachelor" party with about 12 ladies.  I am taking advantage and typing up an update.

Triplet update (13 months old today):  Anderson is walking.  Taya will kind of stand on her own, and we can put her hair in antennas!  Bennett walks as fast as anyone else in our family.  I think at one point or another, all 3 have fallen down the stairs (I hesitate to put this because it shows what negligent parents we are...don't judge us, at least until you have 3 VERY active, mobile babies).  The good news is that they are all still alive and thriving!  They all know what a cell phone is and they all get very mad when they don't get to play with it, so if you get a random call from us, and hear nothing but "dadadada, bada bada" that is one of the babies, unless it's late at night and Emily is on her Ambien.
The Stair "Masters"
Taya's Pigtails
The Brothers Update:  Cooper and Luke started basketball, and love it!  Ethan is riding the bus home from pre-school now and loving it.  That's about it, since these three have been walking on their own for a while now a frequent update on these guys just isn't necessary.
I don't know what else to say.  It has still been very cold here, just like every other part of this nation.  Emily went outside today to take the kids to school and wanted to take her jacket off because it actually felt nice...then she saw the temperature, 4 degrees!  The reason it felt nice is that the wind wasn't blowing!  We have had high's in the 30's but the wind chill hasn't put us above about 5 degrees for at least a month, and we are usually sub zero.  Last night the power went out because of wind, like 50+ mile per hour wind.  So, 4 degrees with no wind really does feel "nice"!
Hard to see through the ice and snow on the window, but it is snowing horizontally
Power Outage, at least the house has a propane fireplace!
Popcorn night, we just throw it on the floor and watch them go to town
Waiting for Daddy to come home

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Missouri! It's Official!

We are now Missourians, officially.  We have the license plates and the driver's licenses to prove it.  Now, in our short 10 year marriage, Emily and I have been Utahns (3 separate times), North Carolinians, Georgians (2 separate times), Floridians, New Mexicans, and Missourians.  Given that I am a Mormon, I will say that I am grateful that Missouri has recently (in 1976) ratified the "1838 Mormon Extermination Order" so we can now sleep in peace at night!  Sorry, bad attempt at humor.

There have been some great times here, and there have been some things that we can do here and no where else we have lived (that might also be because we have never lived outside of city limits), like gettin' our Redneck On!  We have learned how to Recycle, we have learned to build our own targets in the winter time, and how to catch mice.  It has been fun, but I'm pretty sure Emily misses her favorite store, Target, so I don't think we will be able to live like this for much longer.  Plus we live in a winter time icebox!  Just this last Monday we had a high of -2 degrees, and if I remember correctly the wind chill was like -22 degrees, yes, it is cold!
Redneck Recycling
Cooper shooting at his homemade target

Here are some random pictures from the last little while, Enjoy!
From April 2013
From Jan 2014 (Dad has the same shirt on in both pictures,
looks like he needs a trip with Emily to Target!)
Grandpa with Bennett
Who is this stranger?
Taya finally warmed up to Grammy
Almost OK for a picture
The Snowman we built
This is a Taya Tantrum, usually she is screaming her head off, pelvic thrusting and pushing herself head first into whatever object she runs into first.  She saw the camera and quickly lost the screaming to make a quick pose...Diva!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Luke...Oh and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  What a night!  It was full of parties and fireworks, and Martinelli's!  Well, not for us.  We were pretty much asleep.  I was reading Sherlock Holmes deduct some crime scene, and Emily was asleep when the clock struck 12.  I told her Happy New Year's and gave her a kiss (which I can guarantee that she doesn't remember) then fell asleep.  What a party, wahoo.  But what else happened when the clock struck 12 besides the year changing?  Someone in our household also changed a year.  Lukey has officially turned 6, and the end of our crazy week of birthdays is now at a close.  Thank heavens!
Birthday Breakfast
He wanted a Spider-Man Cake...but he almost got a
Wonder-Woman Cake though for almost getting to "3"
Grammy and Grandpa Hutchings even came to say Happy Birthday from Panama!

Where do I start with Luke?  He is our son that is VERY full of energy, and likes to play Devil's Advocate in just about everything.  He loves school and is really excited about being able to read.  His school does the "Book It" program with Pizza Hut and Luke takes it very seriously, he wants to get his pizza every night.  Not only is he passionate about reading, but he is passionate about everything he does, especially speaking/arguing with his parents.  He is so fun to play and wrestle with.  He is such a good brother, he even has the teasing part of being a brother down to perfection, he has currently mastered the "copycat" game that no one likes.  He is loved by everyone that meets him because he has such an infectious personality.  He makes friends faster than any of our other kids.  We love this little kid!  He fills such a special place in our family!  We love you Lukey!  Happy Birthday!
1 Year
2 Years (We call this the Lukey Face, he now has it perfected )
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years
6 Years

Here are some of my all-time favorite pictures of Lukey-Man:
Our Animal Talker
The Wise Man
He sucked these 2 fingers so much that he calloused them! 
The Beach Bum 
Strong Man
Mother says: Lukey Bukey!  What a guy!  You have taught me more about being a parent than anyone of my other kids.  You have challenged me to be more humble, seek the Lord more in aid, and have offered me the ability to receive more promptings in response to raising you.  Thank you.  I thought I was a super awesome parent until you came along, then I realized that Cooper was just a super easy kid.  You have made me better.  You, by far, can be my sweetest child...when you choose to.  You are so helpful with the babies and they love you.  You have a real ability to make people love you.  You make friends so easily.  I love when you do "chores" for your brothers when they forget to do something.  You just tell them, "don't worry, I got it".  It is really sweet.  I love you!!  Happy Birthday!