Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, and then some!

Today is Christmas!  Merry Christmas everybody!  I just noticed that it has been awhile since we have updated the blog.  My apologies.  Life has been somewhat busy.  We finally finished our first semester of dental school, 23.4 credits in about 11 weeks.  Bring on 2nd semester! This is the craziest time of year for this Hutchings household.  Today is Christmas, the babies will be turning 1 in 2 days!  I will write more about that in 2 days.  Ethan turns 5 in 5 days, and Luke turns 6 in 7 days.  So, if you thought you had it bad at Christmas time, please let me know so that we can compare notes, because I would LOVE to talk with someone who has 5 of their kids birthdays the week after Christmas.  We are horrible planners!  Oh well, just get it all over with at once, right?

Christmas in Kirksville:
Cooper got to shake Santa's hand as he arrived in Kirksville off the firetruck
This is what the season is all about!
Cooper's version of the Nativity
Christmas Time = Snuggling with Siblings
Christmas Morning with the Hutchings Kids!
Displaying their faves

So, since I last wrote, I had my birthday.  The big 2-9 (plus a few), I finished semester 1, we got a new camera (thanks Shalie for helping us pick it out!), we have seen firsthand what a real ice storm is, and we got a few inches of snow that hasn't melted because it has been so cold, we have had visitors, we have made gingerbread houses, we have gone sledding, I haven't looked at a school note/book/iPad for almost a whole week!  Life has been good.  I will write about the babies in a couple of days, but they are growing up way too fast.
Delicious Birthday Donuts made in my new Birthday Fryer!

Kirksville Christmas Parade (4 1/2 minute long parade!):

Crazy Hair Night:
Cooper wasn't happy about his reindeer antlers
Lukey sulking about something 
First time ever calling 9-1-1, a driver who was "high" swerved into oncoming lane, into grassy area bouncing around like crazy, they lost their bed cover (that is what the cop is looking at), and then they sped off without getting their bed cover.  All right in front of our house!
Lunch at Pagliai's

Fun with Poppy and Grandma:
Gingerbread Houses

The babies' haven while we were sledding

We made donuts the other night, and Ethan got really into it!
Ready for the outside!
Cooper's Angel


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  1. Happy birthday to EVERYONE! So glad to see that you're doing so well. Keep up the good work! Poor my baby Bennett! Terrorized by Anderson! And Taya is adorable. Thinking of you Lots this week. Love, Mary G @ RUST NICU