Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

What a trip! I cannot believe that it has been one year since the little rugrats were born!  I remember that day almost like it was yesterday, from the minute we walked into the hospital, to when they had to bring in another fetal heart monitor because they could only monitor 2 babies at a time on a single machine, to when they told us that we might have to go to downtown Presbyterian to deliver, to watching them roll Emily away on her gurney to the OR, to standing in the hospital hallway in my OR getup waiting for them to come and get me, to seeing Anderson born, then 30 seconds later Bennett made his appearance, then 30 seconds later Taya came, to when I got to "trim" the umbilical cords on all 3 babies, to when they wheeled the babies out to the NICU, to seeing my boys, my parents, and my in-laws all in the hallway watching the babies wheeled into the NICU, to trying to decide which room I should go in first hoping that it would not be considered favoritsm, the list keeps going.  What a special day that was for our little family.  I remember that Emily was forced to go to her recovery room before she could go see the babies later that day, which killed her; I had to go back and forth and report, which was really obnoxious because I had to "scrub in" every time I went into the NICU.
Scrubbing In
Day after they were born. First time together outside the womb.
Over the last year our lives have changed very drastically.  We have had to learn how to handle and deal with 3 babies, changing 20+ diapers a day, feeding them 18+ bottles a day, waking up to 3 babies crying at night, we have also watched them begin to crawl, laugh, babble, walk, interact with each other, laugh together, tease each other, eat each other's food, take each other's sippy cups.  We have moved half-way across the country to a place where we knew nobody, no family or friends.  We have shared moments of victory and defeat, we have cried and laughed.  What a year it has been!
1 year old = Front Facing Carseats!!!
They love food! Especially corn dogs (Birthday Dinner)
These babies have been my inspiration to really take time to sit down and write about our lives in a journal, albeit a journal for everyone to read, but a journal nonetheless.  I truly love to write.  It has been hard for me the last few months because of how busy I have been, and that is why my "posts" have been mostly pictures as of late.  Luckily for me, but un-luckily for you, I am on my 2 week vacation from all things dental school, and I have nothing but time (after the kids go to bed anyway)!  So, with all this time on my hands, where do I start?
The kids approximately 1 year ago
The kids today
 Anderson: this kid is going to be our kid that will get into anything and everything.  He is the kid that will crawl over to the garbage, put his hand right at the edge of it and wait until you notice him and say, "Anderson, NO!"  That is his cue to stick his hand in the garbage and take out as much stuff as he can before you come over and get him away from it, and as you are putting the garbage back into the can, he is crawling to the next trash can ready to start the whole thing over.  He is probably our most independent of the three.  He just kinda roams the house looking for something that will get us to say, "Anderson, NO!"  Take for instance the stairs.  He will sit at the bottom of the stairs until we notice, and say, "Anderson, NO!"  That is his cue, he will head on up the stairs as fast as his little body will let him go.  He has to have something in both hands at all times, and he will take it from his siblings to make sure both hands are occupied, be it bottles, binkies, food, bibs, toys, garbage, you name it.  He is our pest, and we love him like crazy!
Anderson Day 1
Anderson 1 Year

"Anderson, NO!"
Bennett: he is the "sweet" one of the trio.  He is the one that Anderson likes to tease because Bennett will cry and pout, which Anderson thinks is hilarious.  Bennett gets his hair pulled, his bib taken, his food taken, etc.  You would think that with Bennett being the biggest of the 3, he could fend for himself.  Nope.  He is just a sweet little boy.  He has been the first to do everything.  First to crawl, first to walk, it's like he is observing what the big people are doing and he figures a way to make it happen.  He started to walk at 11 months, that is our earliest walker by about 3 months!  He is a daddy's boy!  When I come home from school, and he hears me walk through the door, he bee-lines it for the door to make sure I am welcomed home.  He is the easiest to make laugh, and he has the sweetest little laugh.  Such a fun, cute kid!
Bennett Day 1
Bennett 1 Year

Cake's OK!
Taya: Miss Emotional.  I had no idea what was in store with a girl.  If she doesn't get her way within about 0.1 seconds, "it" hits the fan if you know what I mean.  She has a way of crying that makes you think that she is dying, this death cry has actually been since day 1.  She definitely has me wrapped around her little finger though, that girl is the cutest little thing that I have ever seen, when she smiles, my heart just melts and I want to hold that little girl forever, and her laugh is intoxicating.  She is stubborn though, she will not do what she does not want to do.  She will jump out of your arms if she doesn't want to be held, and crawl away from you if she wants to be left alone.  She is deathly afraid of Ethan, which is kind of funny because as soon as he starts to come near her, she will scream and cry.  I love that little daughter of mine, I am grateful that she will have 2 brothers her same age to keep the boys in check!
Taya Day 1
Taya 1 Year

Taya loves her Cabbage Patch Doll
Emily's two cents: So glad year one is done.  It feels truly momentous.  We feel as though we have accomplished something unique and hard.  One of our family motto's is "We can do hard things."  This year has been a testament to the truth of that statement.  This year has been plain hard.  From having the babies to waiting to hear about dental school, to moving and adjusting and still just surviving day to day.  Today has been very ponderous for me.  I keep thinking back to where I was exactly a year ago.  Dang, I was scared and excited and anxious and a variety of other emotions.  I remember wanting so badly to see the little babies after I delivered them but not being able to see them for 8 hours.  Torture!!  Looking back at the pictures from the NICU makes my heart swell.  Today I have also been thinking how I feel so done with having kids and then I look at the pictures of my babies and think, oh, I could do that again.  So sweet and so amazing to feel the God-given feelings of nurturing and motherhood.  I love these little tykes.  They are so exhausting but have given our lives so much meaning.  Love you babies!


  1. They are so stinkin' cute. I love their little table.

  2. Can't believe it's been a year! Happy Birthday babies! :) xoxo