Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What a month!

Wow.  Where do I start?  We have now been in Kirksville for over a month, I have been in school officially for 3 weeks, 2 weeks of actual classes, Cooper had his birthday, BBQ's, get-togethers, kids new school, I haven't seen Emily a whole lot, I see the kids even less, how do I even have time to write?  Let me explain.
Sunrise over the corn
Sunset over the other corn

I will start with the boring stuff--dental school.  What a ride!  I don't know how else to say it.  On Friday (Oct 18) we had just finished our 2nd week of lectures and our teacher told us some numbers.  65, 42, 5.  65 hours worth of sitting in a classroom listening to lectures, 42 lectures to be exact, of those 42 exams we took 5 tests (well, the fifth was actually this morning).  So, my daily schedule has been the following: wake up at 6, at school at 7, study till 9, class till 12, lunch till 1, class till 3-4, study till 6, family time/dinner 6-8, study 8-10:30, then finally sleep.  Then Saturday and even Sunday were filled with study time.  I have had to do this as we are getting 5.5 times the amount of information that our sister school in AZ (ASDOH) is getting in a day, in other words what we were being taught in a day, they would have a week to learn it.  We had a test every third day.  We just finished 5.1 credit hours in 2 weeks.  If we are to keep this pace, that would put us at 40.8 credit hours this first semester.  INSANE!  In other words, this is going to be my life for a while. I remember that one of the doctors I worked with would tell me how they had 26 credit hours one semester, if only I could have it that way!  We just finished our intro to Embryology/Histology, Immunology, Microbiology, and Pathology classes.  Tomorrow we start Molecular Cell Biology.  Who's jealous?
"Jacob Hutchings, UVSC, Construction Management"
Now, I'm an official Student Dentist
Proud Spouse!
Me, Jake, Braden, and Kolby
Anyway, on to more fun subjects.  We LOVE it here!  This has been such an awesome place.  The kids school is great, and they're making friends, Emily is really adjusting to the "country life" (something I thought was impossible), as hard as school is I am loving it.  The babies are growing like weeds.  Life is good.
Caught Red-handed
Triplets + Twins (1 week younger than triplets) = lots of babies
How pretty is that?
Bennett has actually taken a step and will stand for up to about 45 seconds with no assistance and he's getting his 4 upper teeth.  Anderson is crawling like a normal human baby now, no more frog crawling, and he has gotten his 2 bottom teeth, and is pulling himself up.  Taya is getting really proficient at crawling, she is waving bye-bye and smiling up a storm.
Cooper just turned 7!  I can't believe how fast time goes.
Minion Party
Emily drove down to Columbia, MO (1.5 hours away) with the babies just so she could go to Sam's Club where she stayed for a whopping 30 minutes and came right back home because the babies were not having it, she did say that life was so much more fast paced, and she almost missed the pace of Kirksville.  How about that? She's a country girl!

Here's some pictures, Country Living:
Snuggle Buddies, Cooper and Luke
Anderson and Taya

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  1. Your kids are all adorable! And your wife is gorgeous. Way to go Jake! Good luck with school. Sounds pretty crazy.