Sunday, July 28, 2013

7 Months Old!

I can't believe that the little guys are 7 months old today!  Time is going so fast!  Here is a day one picture vs. a picture from today so you can see how far they have come in 7 months:

Anderson at Day 1 and today (7/28/13):

 Bennett at Day 1 and today (7/28/13):

 Taya at Day 1 and today (7/28/13):

All Three Together from the day of commercial shoot and today:

There have not been a whole lot of changes since the last time I wrote.  We did drive up to Utah for a few days to enjoy the festivities of the Jewkes Family Reunion.  If I could describe the reunion in 1 word, it would have to be...organizedCHAOS!  I realize that "word" is usually spelled as 2 words, but if you have ever spent time around the Jewkes clan you can understand why it is one word in this situation!  It was such a great time.  The first couple of days were for the cousins that were 5 and up (there were 19 of them) at Cousins Camp 2013!  They had such a blast thanks to Camp Director Dave and his lovely Assistant Camp Director Jessica.  Cooper and Luke were our 2 lucky ones that were able to participate this year and I think that was the best time that they had the entire week were gone!  There were activities, followed by crafts, and devotionals, and more activities, and more crafts, and a huge sleepover with all of the campers that had finished kindergarten.  Here are a few pics that I have of the event (I am not a professional photographer, and my camera is not of high quality, so forgive the quality of the pictures):
Lincoln and Cooper (Best Buds), and Ethan
Camp Director Dave allowing Luke to use the megaphone
Cooper with the megaphone describing his passions in life
Water Balloon Toss, Luke and Madison came in a tie for 2nd

I won't get into all of the details of the reunion, but every second was filled with a lot of fun, and adventure, and the company was awesome!  First of all a huge thanks to Gary and Becky for having so many kids, and also huge thanks to Amy (and Beau, but not as much) for putting the whole shindig together.  This picture has been going around facebook like crazy, but here it is again in case you missed it, this is the Gary and Becky Jewkes Family (everybody except for Jason, who is at dental school and couldn't escape for a few days), there is Gary and Becky, their 11 children and spouses, and 36 grandkids (plus an additional one that is baking in the oven) for a grand total of 59 (would've been 60 if Jason was there).  Quite the posterity.

Lots of weiners
Izzy, Hannah, Jasper, Ethan, Amelia, and Lauren
World Cafe, Jewkes Style
The triplets were the center of attention with all of the girl cousins
Cousin Soccer Game
During our reunion, my little family made a quick escape to Provo to see my siblings, and Grandma Hutchings, and Aunt Donnay, and Uncle Mark.  It was so fun to see my siblings again, and it was great to have Grandma, Aunt Donnay and Uncle Mark meet the triplets.  My biggest regret of my entire trip was not getting any pictures at Grandma's house.  I know, what kind of a grandson am I?  I guess a pretty crummy one. (No picture here)

At the end of the reunion, we headed home and made a quick stop in Price to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson, as well as my cousin Marcie and her kids, and Uncle Terry.  Fortunately, I remembered to get the camera out and snap some photos:
Great-Grandpa Anderson with Anderson
Great-Grandma Anderson with Bennett
My Cousin Marcie and her daughter Lacey with my daughter Taya
Lacey and Taya
My Family at Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's house
Then, we made it home.  Here are a few pics of the kids playing at the park and enjoying some food in the triplet table.
I love Ethan's face! Happy!
Taya got a little too comfortable I think
Bennett loving the swing
Anderson had too much fun and crashed!
They love their animal crackers

Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Been Too Long! (For me anyway)

This is going to be a mostly pictures kind of update, since I have to study for a test (Physics 2) on Monday, and I have to study for my other class (Physiology).  These are going to take precedence since if I don't pass these 2 classes, I will not be able to go here:

A little school history lesson about Jake.  These are all of the schools that I have gone to in order to get to the aforementioned school:

Stevensville Elementary Yellow Jackets (Stevensville, MT)
Sharon Elementary Soaring Seagulls (Orem, UT)
Ada Givens Elementary Mustangs (Merced, CA)
Alicia Reyes Elementary Thunderbirds (Merced, CA)
Hoover Junior High School Huskies (Merced, CA)
Spring Creek Middle School (Providence, UT)
South Cache Junior High School Mustangs(Hyrum, UT)
South Cache Freshman Center Mustangs(Hyrum, UT)
Mountain Crest High School Mustangs (Hyrum, UT)

Needless to say, but, my family moved a lot while I was growing up.  So after high school I served a two-year ecclesiastical mission in Mexico City where I learned (but have since forgotten) Spanish.  I came home and immediately went to college where I started in January of 2001 at USU, then transferred, the pictures of all of my colleges will now follow:
Jan '01-May '02
May '02-May '05
BS Construction Mgmt
Aug '08-Jul '10
Jan '11-Jul '13
Aug '12-Dec '12
Mar '13-Aug '13
It has been fun.  I hope that I am not the only one to have gone to 6 colleges/universities in my dental school, though something tells me that I might be.  I look at that and I have to laugh, that is a lot of schools.  Kansas State and UNE were both online, so I can't really judge those ones, but the rest of them I will rank from my favorite to least favorite (meaning that if I had the choice, I would never go back to the last place school)
Favorite: USU, then close 2nd UVU (because I spent so much time here), and then close 3rd SPSU, and bringing up the rear because it is a rear--UNM!  I am so glad to be done with this sorry excuse for a place of education...least friendly, least helpful, worst classes (most, not all) I have ever taken.  The only thing that is good about it is their basketball team--Go Lobos!

Ok, on to better things, like the babies and my fam.  The babies are getting big.  Bennett is getting huge!  At their 6 month appointment about a week ago, Anderson weighed in at 16.3, Bennett weighs 18.13, and Taya weighs 14.1.  Bennett is almost a full 5 pounds heavier than Taya!  Bennett is in the 75% for weight, and the other 2 are in the 25%.  They are all in the 25% for height, meaning Bennett has some meat to him.

I just realized that I said I was going to do mostly pictures and I have just been rambling.  Sorry, here they are:
This is the World
This is how the World will end...
Another Ice Age!
We had to paint the world mural so that our house looks nice and presentable to future homeowners.

The babies:

Bennett and Anderson
Mommy and Taya
Fatso.  Bennett, he is solid.
Sleeping arrangements
Bottle Holders!
Rolling Everywhere!
Bennett and Taya
Feeding Time
Bennett on all 4's, almost crawling!
Famous Mommy and Babies, you can see the commercial at
Their Banner at the Mall
Their Billboard on Paseo Del Norte (I was driving, sorry bad picture)

Our Place in Kirksville.  Watch out Missouri, here come the Hutchings!
Oldie, but a Goodie!
Living Room into Dining Room and Kitchen
Eagle Claw Foot Tub!  Exciting!
The Awesome Backyard!  We are finally country!  Where's my John Deere?