Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catching Up

In 6 days, the triplets will be 4 months old.  It is crazy to think that it was not that long ago they came to us, but it's even crazier to think that it has only been 4 months!  Sometimes it feels like a lot longer, especially for Emily.  The babies have been pretty fussy as of late, we think that it has to do with the fact that we only have 2 arms, and there are 3 babies, so the one that is not being held is fussy.  But that might not seem too bad if only one is constantly fussy, right?  Well, that would be wrong.  Because you have to hold the other 2 just in the right position or they are crying too.  It is fun!
Loving the hammock!
All three of them are laughing now...well, not laughing, more like chuckling.  But they are very smiley, which makes their whining times that much more bearable.  They are growing like crazy.  I am pretty sure that Bennett has just about caught up to Anderson (if not passed him) in weight.  Bennett's cheeks are definitely bigger, and everyone at church says that they just want to pinch those cheeks, I can't say that I blame them because those are some squishy cheeks!
Bennett, Taya, Anderson
The babies are sleeping 12 hours now!  At least as of last night, so we will see how this goes.  Also, I think that we have the most famous babies in ABQ right now, they are all over the place, on a TV commercial, on a banner in the mall, on an ad at the movie theater, on billboards...they are everywhere!  I work at a lot of schools, and some of the teachers ask me if that is me that they have seen on TV, to which I reply "Yes", the next question is what I really have to laugh at (not in their face of course, but behind their back like a normal person does), they ask, "Are those really yours?", or, "Is that real?"  How should I respond to that?  I say, that it is real, then they say that I am blessed, or they'll say, "Your poor wife!"  I tend to agree with the latter!

The back support Bumbos
Let me see, what else is new in the our lives?  I got to go to Moab with some of my buddies here in ABQ for a couple of days, that was a TON of fun!  We took up a motorhome and a Polaris RZR, and did some rock crawling.  Also, we got rid of our nasty carpet downstairs finally and put some laminate wood flooring in.  With new floors, came a rearranged arrangement of furniture which we desperately needed here in our home.  Also, the day we were installing the wood floors I got a phone call from a dental school in Missouri inviting me for an interview, that will take place next Monday (4/29) in Kirksville, MO, I can't lie, this is very exciting to me since it is one of the 2 schools that I have wanted to go to from the very beginning, and if I get in, I will be in the very first graduating class from the school!  One more thing that we did was get a triplet table built!

Nasty carpet...before
Beautiful hardwoods...after
Triplet Table! (Anderson, Taya, Bennett)
A couple of weeks ago we got some caterpillars in the mail (we knew they were coming) because we bribed the kids that we would get some caterpillars to grow into butterflies if they were good in church.  It worked!  Anyway, they grew, they turned into the little cocoons, and then about a week ago they turned into butterflies!  So, today we got to let the butterflies go fly away.  They were really "tame" at first letting the boys hold them.  We were out there for about 10-15 minutes then came in, Cooper and Luke followed and said that the last butterfly got eaten by a bird!  They said that the bird just flew down and swiped the butterfly right out of the air!  I was kinda surprised at how unemotional the boys were about it, it was almost like they were amazed and proud to see it happen...100% boy!

Random Shots:
All 6!
Stacked Carseats (don't worry, babies are not in there)
Bennett, Taya, Anderson
Anderson, Bennett, Taya
Cooper and Emily did this 1000 piecer!  Cooper is quite the puzzle-man
Have you ever downloaded pictures to your computer and say, "Where did that picture come from?"  Well, that happened to me this time, fortunately there was this picture of the culprit!  It looks like we need to teach him how to NOT get caught!  Silly Lukey!
We finally figured out how to get these babies their bottles quicker...make a bunch at once!  You have to do anything that you can to try and keep triplets happy!


  1. They are cute! I need some of those caterpillars. That is awesome.

  2. Love the photo of Taya in the tutu and that triplet table is awesome! Good work Jake and good luck with your interview!

  3. The new floor looks awesome!!! So does the triplet table :)
    I am so excited to hear about Missouri- I hope you get in!!!!
    The triplets are getting so big, and very wise idea to make all the formula in a pitcher