Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birthdays, Baptism, Blessings, Visitors, Easter, Accidents...

Whooooooeeeeee!  It has been a very fast couple of weeks!  I am sorry that it has taken so long to post.  This is going to mainly be pictures because we have so many!  These last couple of weeks have had so much going on.  From birthdays (Jake and Ryan and there is probably more), to Hayden's baptism, to London's Eagle Court of Honor, to the triplets blessings, to what seemed like hundreds of visitors (which was awesome!), to Easter, followed by family portraits, then to Lukey's new look.  I'm sure there was something that was missed in there.  So, without further adew (I don't know how to spell adew--I went to UVSC) I give you lots, and lots of pictures

Triplets Blessings

Blessing Day, Easter (3/31/2013)
Thanks to Grandma Jewkes for the beautifully handmade dress!  Gorgeous! 
Couch Talk with the Jewkes
More Couch Talk with the Hutchings

Visitors with the 3 babies:
Aunt Shalie
Great-Grandma Jewkes
Uncle Jake
Uncle Ryan


Cooper the Puzzle Man

Jumping with Poppy
London getting his Eagle
Happy Birthday Uncle Ryan

My Family--first time together in a couple of years
Aunt Jamie reading bedtime book


Luke's Accident:
He was jumping on the trampoline with his brothers, and like they always do they were wrestling, jump kicking, punching, etc.  He just got unlucky and slammed his face into the back of Cooper's head.  Those who know Cooper know that he has the hardest head known to mankind and Lukey definitely got the worst end of that deal.  Luckily I work for a pediatric dental company and they were able to get Luke in pretty quick and get him all taken care of (thanks Dr. Rowan!).  Also, Emily found it very lucky that we took family pictures the day before this happened.  He will be toothless for at least a year, maybe two poor kid!

It's nasty, but it looks better than the bent in teeth

My sister Shalie took these pictures.  She did such an amazing job!  We were SO pleased with how they turned out.  Thank you Shalie!  You are the best!
Bennett, Taya, Anderson

Luke (look at those beautiful front teeth!)
Me and My Boys!

The Girls!


  1. Emily looks like one hot mama!! you go girl!

  2. Poor Lukie, I bet he thinks it'd pretty cool to be toothless :)
    Your family pics turned out GREAT!!!!
    Thank you for letting me and Sophie crash with you guys, it was so fun to meet the triplets and spend time with you!!!

  3. I had such a great time visiting with you guys! Thanks for letting me come and meet the triplets and thanks for letting me take your family pics, I'm so glad I was able to do that!

  4. Heeeeyyy! Just heard the news so I had to google you to see the triplets! We are so happy for all of you! A huge congrats. Know that we think of you often!
    Brooke & Kenny

  5. I just found your "triplet blog" (been checking the "nomads" one w/ no luck!) I love these pictures! Congratulations you guys! I was shocked to see "London get his Eagle" I remember London running around as a little boy in Provo when we were roomies. Crazy how fast time flies. I don't know of two more amazing people - God really trusts you to have and raise these sweet children - and so close together! You are my heros!
    Love and miss you guys!!