Sunday, March 17, 2013

All Smiles...Not!

Here they are! Bennett at top, Anderson on left, and Taya on right
Today the little rugrats are 10 days shy of 3 months old.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone!  This is going to be mostly pictures since I know that's what people want to see.  The babies are doing really well...for the most part.  They do have their moments, Taya has earned the nickname "The Diva", she is great for about 15 minutes after she finishes her bottle then it is all downhill until she is asleep.  Bennett is getting super chunky (compared to what he was), and he is just chill...for the most part.  Anderson has become really fussy as of late, it is hard to console him, unless he is sleeping, he is a super smiley guy though.  They have all laughed a little bit, hopefully soon we will be able to get them laughing on camera and put it up here.  Enjoy the pics:

Booty Shake
Church 3/10/13 (Bennett, Taya, Anderson)
Church 3/17/13 (Bennett, Taya, Anderson)

The faces of Miss "The Diva" Tay-Tay:
Her first captured smile
5 seconds after her first captured smile

Happy Tay-Tay

Awesome head straightening device!
First Captured Smile
All Smiles!

First captured smile
Happy Bennett
The reason Bennett is happy now.  This bad boy (about 1" in length, 1/4" wide) came out of his nose one morning.  It is bigger than his nostril!

Random shots:
Cooper making Anderson laugh
Cooper the soccer player
Mama and her triplets

The following picture needs a story told.  Luke got mad at us one night because we got mad at him and Ethan for dumping the entire new bottle of baby soap in the bathtub.  He got so mad at us that he decided it was a good idea to go pee in the middle of their bedroom floor and blame it on Ethan!  He told us that Ethan peed in the middle of the floor and he had peed by the wall.  Well, the area around the wall was completely dry and after a couple of minutes the culprit came clean and told us he did it and Ethan didn't do any pee.  Oh, Lukey!  What a character.
Luke cleaning up his "mess"

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  1. They are adorable!!! and I am so glad i got to meet them so I can put personalities with their cute faces and pictures.
    The bogie shot made me gag...ew
    At least Lukie eventually told the truth, right?