Monday, March 4, 2013

2 Month Shots

First time going to church Feb 24, 2013

After church March 3, just hanging out!
When I got home from work today, I asked Emily how her day was.  She replied, "How do you think? I had to take 3 babies in to the doctor for their 2 month check up which included several shots each, which not one of the three liked, they screamed through it."  I guess that translates into, "it was a rough morning".  It is times like these that I wish that I could be there to help her out.  I know that it sucks taking all 3 of the babies anywhere outside of the house because you have to add at least 10 minutes to your getting ready time, and that is just getting them in their carseats and in the car, that doesn't count getting them dressed ready for the day!  It is a very rough process.
At the Dr's office (Emily's phone)
Anderson's favorite spot in the world, between the couch cushions sitting up!
All 3 of them are doing fantastically!  Taya is at 9.11, Bennett is 10.15, and Anderson is at 11.15.  All three of them are getting pretty solid!  Anderson still takes the cake, in fact it would appear that he didn't leave much of the cake for his siblings! This is about the extent of their progression, they have been reacting a lot more to us which makes it more fun, I still haven't been able to capture it on camera yet.  Speaking of cameras, we found our video camera and decided to see if it still does!  The last time we used it was Easter of 2009!  It was kinda fun to go back and see some of the video we took, some of it we wonder why we took so much, especially some of our murder mystery dinners, but it was a lot of fun.

Tummy Time
We have been having so much fun lately, it is fun to get the kids out a little bit.  It does get a little embarrassing when strangers ask if we are the ones that they saw on TV.  I don't know how many other people there are that have 6 kids age 6 and under that have a commercial, so that pretty much narrows it down to us I guess.  We have yet to see it on TV, at the movie theater, in the newspaper, and anywhere else that it might be lurking.  My apologies out there to all those that have seen it, because once you see it you can't avoid it apparently.  My brother-in-law Jim said he saw it for the first time the other day, and then he saw it like 20 other times in about an hour span.
The Cat in the Hat, Cooper celebrating Dr. Seuss' b-day (March 2)
Cooper reading Dr. Seuss to Ethan
Aunt Dagmar came to visit for a couple of days last weekend, the kids had such a blast with her.  She is so much fun!  I still don't know why, but she slept in the same room as the triplets and woke up with them to feed them, she even had Cooper join her one night.  One night when we were putting the babies down for the night, Cooper was spread eagle on the bed with his hands in Dagmar's face...what a trooper!  Thanks Dagmar for the great weekend!
What a trooper! With Anderson, I don't think he liked the hat!
Uncle Jake and Aunt Stephanie have been coming by a lot lately too, that has been great!  We love to have them around, they are a lot of fun and the kids love their Uncle Jake!  Stephanie will just drop by when she is on this side of town and help Emily with the babies, she is such a sweetheart, Emily is SO grateful for that time because she loves to spend time with Stephanie.
Uncle Jake and Aunt Stephanie
Helping Emily make jam.  Notice the thief in the background!


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