Saturday, February 23, 2013

8 Weeks Old!

The little munchkins have hit 8 weeks!  They are growing like weeds, Bennett and Anderson are over 10 pounds, and Taya is about 9.5 pounds!  Luckily for us they are all sleeping through the night now!  They wake up usually between 4 and 5 and we plug them with the binkie and they go till 7!  That is a huge blessing for us, especially Emily!  As everyone knows, "a happy wife makes for a happy life!"  And according to the comedian Jim Brewer if a mother doesn't get sleep, it leads to murder!  So, it is beneficial for all involved parties that Emily gets her sleep! (Side note: she slept last night, so she won't murder me for writing this)
Taya, Bennett, Anderson
Anderson, Bennett
Happy Taya! She goes from peaceful to this in 0.2 seconds flat!
I feel like I need to say a huge thank you to all of our friends here in ABQ.  You have all been such a huge blessing!  It has been amazing to see how much help we have received, but mostly from who we have received it from!  I feel like I have gotten to know each of you a lot better as you come by the house and see the babies and just chat.  I will not lie, it is the hardest thing in the world for me to be on the receiving end of service.  It has been a huge adjustment to the pride I have and thinking that we can handle it, and we don't need any help.  I know that would never have been possible, but that is what my mind makes me think at times.  So, again, THANK YOU for all you have done, the meals, watching the boys, relieving Emily for a couple of hours so she can get out, just coming to visit, etc.  It really means a lot to us (it is very humbling as well)!
The Knights of BBQ (according to Cooper)
I know that blogs are for looking at pictures, so here you go:
Feeding time in the middle of the night! 
Taya really likes it dark when she sleeps!
These next pictures are from Day 1 (12/27/12) next to pictures from yesterday (2/22/13)




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