Monday, January 7, 2013


It really is seeming like the babies are all going backwards instead of forward.  However, that said, they are all still doing really well (I know that makes no sense).  Taya seems to be a little slower now.  She had 2 Brady Episodes early this morning, and whenever we are in there she is just kind of there now.  She is not as "spunky" as she was the first few days.  She is still doing well as far as the numbers are concerned, she is eating everything through the bottle, she is on room air, she is doing great...just seems very sleepy.  On the flipside to that, Anderson is doing the opposite, he started off very slow and sluggish and very sleepy.  Now he is the one that is awake and alert seeming to want to jump out and come home.  He has been eating like a champ (from the bottle).  If that bottle nipple gets within an inch of that boys face he will do anything he can to get it in his mouth.

Bennett unfortunately had to go back on oxygen.  His breathing was getting really slow and he wasn't getting all the oxygen he needed to his body.  This should also cure any of his Brady Episodes.  He may have to come home on the oxygen which is normal for a lot of babies here in ABQ because of the high altitude.  Just so you know, ABQ is just as high in elevation as Denver.  The doctors have been trying to make it so we didn't have to have any of them come home on oxygen, but that may not be the case, and honestly, that is fine by us.

Not much else happened today, I guess the boys had baths.  It was a pretty chill day for the babies.  The doctors told us that best case scenario is the boys could come home on Friday or Saturday, which is exciting!  Hopefully they don't have any more episodes!  I didn't have the camera so I only got pictures with my phone which aren't quite as spectacular!

 Their "Boards":

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  1. They are so beautiful! Thanks for letting us know how they're doing. We're praying that all goes well!