Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ready or Not, Here They Come (Maybe)!

First of all, I need to apologize to my wonderful fans for not posting anything yesterday. So, for a consolation prize here is one of the 2 pictures we took all day yesterday:
Lukey and Anderson
We are at a point now where there is not a lot happening. Like today for instance the only thing that happened at the house with Anderson is that he took a bath, he slept, he ate, and that's it.  At the hospital, Taya and Bennett have just been doing amazingly, they both passed their carseat tests!  And that means that tomorrow they will be coming home (of course, that is if they have no episodes tonight or tomorrow)!  And they will be coming home with the oxygen tanks.
When we went to the hospital tonight, there were 2 Walgreen's bags, and inside them were 5 cans of formula each, for those of you who can't add that would be 10 total (if you can't add, it's ok, I went to UVSC so I needed a calculator to figure it out myself), those cans are $17 a piece, again according to the calculator that is a total of $170!  The nurse came in and told us that it was a gift from a friend of Dr. Pash's.  Emily and I have a very strong feeling that it was Dr. Pash himself because we were telling him yesterday how expensive that formula is and we have 3 kids to feed with it, each of those cans will last us about a day.  The calculator tells me that for a month with 30 days in it that is $510!  So, we are pretty sure that Dr. Pash was thinking that we wouldn't feed our kids this necessary formula that helps fatten preemies up, so he went and got some for us so he knew we would give it to them!  Thanks to the friend of Dr. Pash, what an exmple of generosity!

So, until tomorrow when we get our other oxygenated babies to the house, here they are:


  1. has the formula for $89.99 for a pack of 6, and it would qualify for free two day shipping.

  2. also check craigslist. we were on weight gain Neosure when our twins were born and we found someone who was switching off of it, had 20 canisters that were only a month old and she sold them to us for 2$ a can. It was a miracle!