Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oxygen? Who Needs Oxygen?

As of this moment right now, I am really starting to think that Bennett will be the first one to come home.  I never thought I would say that, but he has just been a rockstar these last couple of days!  He is getting the hang of breastfeeding which makes mommy VERY happy!  Monumental occasion today: he is off oxygen!  He is now on room air, and we thought that he would possibly come home on oxygen--he didn't like the sound of that any more than mommy and daddy!  Today he has been 4 days without a Brady Episode!  Now all he has to do is get his feedings all by bottle and we might be able to get to bring him home!
Bennett's Pictures:
Getting Burped

With the Nose Hose,
Sans the Nose Hose!

Happy to get rid of the Oxygen Tube
Taya was pretty much rockin' it out today again.  She is just coastin' along getting bigger, eating more, and pooping more!  If it wasn't for that stinkin' Brady Episode 2 days ago, she would be coming home tomorrow or Monday.  Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.  She is just getting cuter by the day.  We were looking at her today thinking that she looked kinda like a turtle, one of those cute turtles, like Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello or Raphael.  Just kidding, more like one from Nemo.
Taya's Pictures:
"I'm Alive!"

Anderson was feeling a little lazy today.  I think he just wanted to relax from his "circ" surgery yesterday.  He  didn't have any Brady episodes today, so we are considering that great news!  He is really starting to be a lot more alert, when he's awake he is very curious and likes to look around the room and see what he can see.  He is our "face-maker", he has some of the most interesting looks.  I have tried to capture them in a picture, but it is very hard.  He makes the Zoolander, "Blue Steel" look better than Zoolander himself!
Anderson's Pictures:

The nurses today told us that today there were a couple of babies that went home today from the NICU, so exciting!  I think the nurses have felt a little overwhelmed the last few days as they have been at full capacity, but they have told us that we have the cutest kids in there.  I agree, but I also feel like I'm a little bias! The triplets had a few visitors today, Gary and Becky, and Uncle Jake and (hopefully) Aunt Stephanie.  And to all of you (in ABQ) who want to come and see them in the hospital please let us know, we are happy to show them off!  Just let us know.  The nurses don't like it when we have visitors between 7-7:30 because that is when they have their shift changes and they talk about everyone--well, gossip about everyone anyway.
Jake and Steph
So, I know that the majority of the people out there that look at this blog just come here for the pictures, in fact I would venture to say that half of the people that see this blog won't even read this paragraph.  However, I don't care because this is a journal for our own family and we have invited you to read it, don't you feel special now?  How often does someone just say, "Here, read my journal."  Never?  Well, then consider yourself lucky!
Daddy/Daughter Time


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