Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Week!

I can't believe that it has been a week!  I also can't believe that it has only been a week!  There are times that I think back and think that the time has flown by, but it also feels like we have been going back and forth to that hospital for months now!  We have been able to go to the hospital 2 times a day, a huge thanks to Becky and those of you who have watched our boys so we could go!
Becky feeding Taya
Emily says that the babies had a terrible day!  I disagree, I believe that they just didn't have as great of a day as they have been having.  Bad news first.  Taya and Anderson both had Brady Episodes today so that puts their release date as of now to Wednesday 1/9/13.  That means that Bennett has the chance to come home first...who would've thought that?  The other semi-bad news is that Taya had to get her tube back through the nose into the tummy because she didn't drink all of her bottle this morning.  And finally Bennett got his circumcision today, poor little guy, he was super sleepy this evening.

Good news is that Taya is rocking it out at the boob (sorry no pictures)!  She is great at breastfeeding.  In fact we think that she is doing so well that it is kind of impeding her from progressing with the bottle.  Example: tonight Emily had Taya suckling for about 10 minutes, Emily is certain that she got about 20 mL.  Taya has to eat 43 mL from her bottle, so when Emily is done breastfeeding Taya has to drink all of her bottle.  Taya wanted nothing to do with the bottle after she had about 20 mL from the bottle which meant that she had to get the remaining 23 mL through the tube.  That means that Taya got an extra 20 mL.  We are going to talk to the nurses and see if there is anything that they can do to check how much she got from Emily.  Anyway, kinda frustrating.


Taya also gained weight!  2 more ounces, that puts her at 4 lbs 7.6 oz.  She is almost back to birth weight, 1.4 oz to go!  The boys are still doing well.  They are both at 16 cc of oxygen which is the last step before being on room air (no oxygen).  Everything else is about the same.  They are such cute little babies, and getting cuter as they are opening their eyes, and reacting to us.  Till tomorrow!


The faces of Anderson:


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  1. When Alexi was in the Nicu they weighed her before nursing and then again after. She had to gain so much and if she didn't they supplemented with the bottle. It makes no sense to think shed drink the same after nursing as she would with no nursing. Good luck!