Saturday, January 19, 2013


We are finally getting some-what used to having 3 little babies at home.  It is fun!  The brothers are SO nice to them, and want to hold them all the time.  Ethan sometimes gets a little too excited and jumps on the couch next to them (or on them), and then when he gets down he'll get his foot caught in Taya or Bennett's nose hose and it yanks on their face and they start to cry.  For the most part though things have been good.  The babies are all on a good schedule, they wake up at 2:00 and 5:30 for their nightly feedings, which really isn't too bad!  It allows us to get a couple of little cat-naps in throughout the night.

We have a homehealth nurse come in twice a week to check Bennett and Taya, since they were the ones that came on oxygen.  She checks their vitals, weight, oxygen levels, etc.  She came on Thursday (1/17/13), and both Bennett and Taya were at least 1 pound above their birth weight.  The nurse said that she thinks we can wean them off of the oxygen possibly this next week.  It is such a hassle to have these kids on oxygen (especially with a 4 year old brother who doesn't pay attention to anything!), so hopefully we will be oxygen tank-less next week.
Checking weight and vitals at home
It is so funny to walk into our house.  We have a pack-n-play set up by the front door where they take naps, next to that we have their 3 carseats, when you walk a little further into our living room you are met by a plethora of swings and bouncers where they spend a lot of their time.  Needless to say, we have baby blankets, burp cloths, bottles and extra diapers strewn across the floor and couch (you never know when you will need to pick one up).  It has definitely been an adventure (and an obstacle course) having the tiplets home!

Also on Thursday we were visited at our home by a producer for Rust Presbyterian because they want us to do a commercial for them about our experience at Rust.  Because they want us to be honest and open she said that she can't pay us.  No big deal, we had a great experience there.  They are going to start filming on Wednesday and Thursday.  Pretty exciting huh?  Then from doing the commercials they are going to start a reality TV series about us to begin filming in February when it settles down a little.  Just kidding.

Here are some pictures that we have taken this week of the trillizos (triplets in Spanish).  We don't always have the camera on us so it is hard to take a ton of pictures, anyway, enjoy:
Anderson and Taya
Anderson and Taya
Bennett and Taya
Our kids
First family picture since the addition of triplets
Our Stash (we haven't purchased anything baby-related in this picture)!
Thanks to all of you who have been generous in giving, helping,
feeding, babysitting for our family at this time.  It has meant so much to us--you all know who you are.
THANK YOU!  It means the world to us to have such awesome family and friends!

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  1. Glad they are all doing so well, they are adorable! Fun to see your whole, cute family in a photo together and also a picture of your mom in the last post. I have been so curious to know how Emily is feeling....