Friday, January 11, 2013

He's Home!

It is officially official...Anderson is home!  He is with us finally!  It was actually kind of hard to leave the NICU knowing that we were leaving 2 of our kids there, I think it will be harder to come back now that we have one at home.  It is awesome to get our kid home though.  I really empathize and feel really badly for those families that have to spend months in the NICU, that is not easy.  Hopefully now, given that all goes well for the next 2 days, and knowing that Bennett and Taya are jealous of Ander, they will be coming home on Monday.  That would be so good, VERY overwhelming, but good in the sense that we don't have to go back and forth daily to visit our kids.  Again, we are very lucky that the hospital is so close and they really haven't been there too long, I have really gained an appreciation for you out there that have to be in NICU for long periods of time, and sometimes in areas you don't know.

Coming Home:
And he's our big one!


Taya and Bennett are still doing fabulously!  That is one of the reasons it is hard to leave them.  Taya is 1 ounce shy of being 5 pounds, and Bennett is up to about 5 and a half pounds!  Anderson left the NICU at 6 lbs 8 oz.  The younger 2 are still on oxygen.  All 3 of them are VERY gassy!  The nurses have said that they have dry-heaved because of the stinkiness of our kids!  Those of you who know us will know exactly where they got their stinky bowels from.



The Brothers (Cooper, Luke and Ethan) were SO excited to see "Ander Boba Fett".  Remember, this was the first time that they have seen their younger brother.  They were so cute with him.  Every one of them wanted to hold him, or pet his cheeks and head, and give him cheek kisses.  You could even tell that Ander felt he was somewhere familiar (it took a second for all of the loud excited noises from the brothers to die down, but finally it looked like he felt home).  I think that these triplets will be very well taken care of!  Just look at the pictures and you can see their excitement.  So, until something amazing happens...


  1. So exciting! Best wishes to your beautiful family!

  2. YAY!!!! i am so glad he's home. That last picture is so cute w/ em reading to the boys and Cooper holding Ander :)
    Hopefully the other 2 can come home soon

  3. Emily, you look amazing!! I'm so glad they are all doing so well!