Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Luke! (and Happy New Year!)

Happy Birthday Luke!  He has been such a blessing in our lives and in the lives of all who know him!  He is a sweet boy (most of the time), we love him so much!  I realized (really realized) that we are going to have a very busy last week of every year for the rest of our lives!  I know I have said it on here before how crazy it is going to be, but I think that it finally really hit me today as we were celebrating Luke's birthday.  We went to Chick-fil-A to celebrate, and unbeknownst to us, it was family night.  They had everyone in the dining room sing Happy Birthday to him.  It was really neat!  Oh yeah, I almost forgot that today is yet another day of celebration, the first day of 2013!  Happy New Year!  Here are some pics of the birthday boy today (and one from the other night):
He tucked all of his animals in (Luke has the orange and black pants on)
Birthday Boy!
Birthday Boys' Pancakes!
Chick-fil-A party!
Minute to Win It Contestant
Update on the babies.  It is official that they will not be coming home for at least 5 days.  Our sweet little baby Taya decided to have a Brady Episode today.  Her first one!  Silly little girl!  Oh well, better that she gets healthy and ready to come home, because we don't have any heart monitors here at the house that sound off an alarm whenever their heart beats drop.  Not only did she have one, but the boys had a couple each today.  It will be at least 5 days for them too (though I am pretty sure it will be more like 1-2 weeks for them). 
Taya's Pictures:
Up an ounce since yesterday!
No Tubes on the Face!

This morning I was able to go all by myself and be with them, which was actually a lot of fun.  I got to hold them and feed them.  It is getting more real now that we can actually take part in their care!  Emily was able to attempt breastfeeding all of them today!  They did OK, they are still having trouble, but they will get it!  Bennett was the only one that didn't scream his head off, he just kinda sat there and looked at Emily which was really precious to her.  There was not a whole lot of changes today with them.  Bennett and Anderson are still on oxygen, and still have their feeding tubes (which they don't really need, but just in case).  Taya actually decided to take her feeding tube out this morning by herself!  The nurse helped her take the last little bit out, she (the nurse) told me that it was ok because she drinks everything from her bottle now (so do the boys) and that they would just keep watching the feeding aspect.

Bennett's Pictures:

Also today, the tech that does the hearing tests came in to evaluate the babies.  She started with Anderson.  I was there for most of it and she said that the test usually takes about 20 minutes sometimes a lot longer.  I asked what the fastest time in theory a baby could pass the test.  She replied that it rarely happens, but if it does that quickly it would take about 2 minutes.  Anderson passed his right ear with flying colors, but his left ear only got to 90%, which is not passing, it has to get to 100%.  Luckily he will get another try before he leaves the hospital.  Anyway, because he didn't pass she wasn't going to try the other two, just because they only get 2 tries while in the hospital, so she just wanted to give them a couple more days.  The babies nurse said that she needed to go test Taya because she was more advanced than the boys, so she did.  A couple of minutes later the hearing tech poked her head back in the boys' room and said, "well, she was a 2-minuter!"  I am almost surprised that Taya hasn't walked home yet!  It is absolutely amazing to me how well she is doing.
Anderson's Pictures:

The Hearing Test
Now look at all of their ears.
Overall, everything is still going really well.  This evening both Anderson and Taya have gained an ounce each since yesterday, and Bennett had not been weighed by the time we left tonight.  It was fun to see them tonight because they were so alert and reactive.  We haven't seen Ander with his eyes open much yet, so it was great to see him alert tonight.  One thing that we have noticed is that all of their ears are the same, the same shape and folds.


  1. Those babies are ALL gorgeous! I wish I could cuddle them. I hope they can come home as soon as you are ready to have them home. :)

  2. You guys make beautiful babies!!!