Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 7

Wow, finally a day that we did not have a birthday, or a holiday to celebrate!  We did however take Cooper and Luke to the Tasker's house to jump in the hot tub.  Those two are fish!  They would go swimming any day of the year and the water temperature wouldn't matter much to them.  They had such a good time, thanks Tasker's!  You can't beat the view from their pool either!

It was chilly!

After the quick swim, we all headed over to the hospital and gave the babies Priesthood blessings.  That was such a neat experience!  They are so tiny.  I must say though that I am a proud papa!  So fun to be a father of triplets.  I may regret that I said that in a couple of weeks when they won't let us sleep in the nights, but right now I feel very excited, look at these precious faces and tell me you wouldn't feel the same:
A. Bay
B. Dale

T. Rebecca
I had to take Gary to the airport and swing by UNM to handle some tuition issues.  I just need to get this out there, UNM is the worst university that I have dealt with, I really hope that I get into dental school this year so I don't have to take any more classes from them!  I will step off the soapbox now.  After dinner the boys decorated some cookies (and their bodies as well).  They loved it!  They made a mess, but what boy doesn't like to make a mess and then eat it?  

As far as updates with the triplets, not much happened today outside of the ordinary.  Taya got the hang of breastfeeding!  That made Emily one happy mama!  She has been unsuccessful with all of our other kids, and this was such a great experience for her.  Anderson and Bennett are getting closer to getting it, but they still just kind of fall asleep.  Emily continues to do her pumping though, and Cooper saw her doing it and asked, "Mommy, why are you like a cow?"  All we could do was laugh, because it is true and it was out of "the mouth of babes".

Back to the triplets.  They are now officially gaining weight, and the "tar" poop has all left their systems.  Nobody had a Brady Episode today which we are very grateful for and they are all up to the max amount of formula/breastmilk per feeding.  They have been slowly getting them to their appropriate milliliters, by increasing by 3 mL every other feeding.  I believe Taya is now taking about 43 mL (about 1.5 oz), Bennett is taking about 50, and Anderson is taking right at 60 which is equivalent to 2 oz.  They are all taking it through the bottle, and I don't think any of them had to have it through the feed tube.  So, slowly and steadily these babies are making progress and hopefully we will be able to bring them home soon (at the earliest on Monday).
Weighing Bennett (4 lbs 15 oz OR 2.250 kg) tonight, he was up almost a full 2 oz from yesterday!


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