Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I have decided to write this for all of my fans out there (I know how dedicated you are to this blog!), because I am very tired, and I almost decided to not write!  They finally told us today that it will be officially Friday for the boys and Taya will be coming home on Saturday.  Now, before everyone gets too excited, that is of course hoping that they don't have Brady Episodes.  Taya actually had one today, but the doctor said that they weren't going to count it because her breathing didn't stop so he didn't want to count that one.  I also think that the staff is ready to get rid of them!  We are probably getting a little too hopeful about them coming home, but we want it so bad!

Advancements for the babies today:

Anderson is a very gassy boy, and it stinks!  He finally breastfed for a whole feeding!  They didn't give any followup formula so he did great.  Emily said that he was very awake and alert today.  At one of his feedings he took 90 mL, that's 3 ounces!  He is definitely the chunky one.  He is doing great, no oxygen tubes still, no feeding tubes, just doing great!

Bennett has been constipated for a couple of days now, and so they gave him a little suppository to help with the relief.  It worked!  He had 3 blowouts in the space of about 2-3 hours!  He's not clogged anymore.  He seems to be doing well, he continues on oxygen, his feeding tube is out now, I think he's ready to face the real world (well, whether he's ready or not, WE are ready for him to face the real world).  Now, the real world is a crazy household with 3 older brothers that have no boundaries--good luck babies!

Taya must not like the feeding tube going through her nose because she ripped it out again!  She was fun to see tonight because she seemed like the Taya from a couple of days ago, very alert and reactive.  She was a champ at breastfeeding, she had a good feeding today, and then a half feeding this evening.  She is eating 60+ mL a feeding now, which is a lot given her small stature.  She is such a sweet little girl, Emily hit the nail on the head when she said Taya is "dainty".


  1. Here's hoping that the babies are home by Saturday!!! They sure are cute!!

  2. They are all so precious and tiny and I want to hold them!!