Thursday, January 24, 2013


The babies are 4 weeks old today!  I can't believe how fast time flies.  Not only is it their 4 week mark, but today they made their acting debut.  It was fun, we had a lot of camera crew and equipment in our home.  They were here for about 4-5 hours filming, interviewing  and taking pictures.  It is amazing to me how much goes into a 30 second commercial!  We even had the boys at school today so they couldn't mess stuff up by running around, screaming/crying and jumping off of all sorts of furniture.  We did however pull Cooper out of school a little bit early so they could do a few shots of the brothers running around and holding the babies. They got some sound of them too which I'm sure they will have plenty of!  It was great fun, and the crew was very friendly and easy to work with, so a big public thank you to 3 Advertising and all involved who were here today in this process!  They even told Emily that she could do some voice-over work if she wants, I say she should! (I was told by the director that I could put some pictures on the blog, so it's cool!)
The Crew!

This could come across as naughty!
The kids in their acting debut.
Some have asked about Emily because she is pretty much a recluse these days (just kidding).  She is doing very well!  I think that the lack of sleep is catching up with her a little bit though.  She has been so happy with the babies, and loving every minute with them.  She is a very content mother of triplets!  I can't say enough about how amazing she has been!  She is always getting up with and feeding the babies, she is the one that changes their bums, she is just a trooper!  I love her and her love of being a mother.  I feel as though I have been kind of an absentee father, I guess I kind of have been with work and then school.
Feeding Time
PRES is awesome!

Awesome shirts!  Thanks Deahl!
Our little Aunt Jemima!
Till next time!  Oh yeah.  For all of you in the NM area, they said they will begin airing the commercial in 2-3 weeks, I guess it won't make it in time for the Super Bowl.  Oh well.

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  1. How cool is that!!! Pretty darn! I'm just so happy for you!!! And to think that I'm a part...
    I'm just giddy!!!