Friday, January 4, 2013

A Week +1

This morning as we came through the scrub room doors and did our normal routine which is head to Taya's room.  The only difference between this versus other visits is that this time there was no baby in there!  The heater bed was set up, and my first thought was that Taya took a turn for the worst and needed to be warmed by the heater again.  But then we walked into the boys' room, and there she was!  She is now permanently in the boys' room, so no more calling it the boys' room.  Apparently the hospital is now at "full" capacity--11 babies--for the first time ever.  The most they have had previously is 8 at once.  I guess they needed Taya's room pretty bad because we asked them yesterday if we were going to get all the babies together in the same room and they told us that probably wouldn't happen, but I guess they reconsidered, much to our happiness!
More good news today: Bennett and Anderson both passed their hearing tests!  Neither Bennett nor Taya had a Brady Episode today!  Unfortunately Anderson had 2, so he's at least 5 days out coming home.  Taya has been feeding really well, she has drank everything from the bottle at just about every feeding, the only one she didn't was the first one this morning.  Bennett is above 5 lbs again!  Taya is probably at her birth weight (we weren't there to find out this evening), and the chunker (Anderson) is just getting chunkier!  It is really neat to know that they are now consistently gaining weight!  Taya continues to do well breastfeeding too.  Anderson and Bennett are both doing really well on 16 cc of oxygen still so hopefully tomorrow or the next day they will be taken off of the oxygen and start to do 100% room air!  
Anderson's Pictures:

Bennett's Pics:

Chillin' to a little Snoop Dogg! jk, this is his hearing test
You know you have a preemie when...the diaper is bigger than the baby!

Taya's Glamour Shots:

Poor little Anderson got his "circ" done today.  "Circ" is the medical terminology for circumcision, in case you were wondering.  I feel like I am getting smarter by the day, I can read their charts now, I know all of this cool medical terminology like "circ", I think I am ready to be a NICU nurse!  

For the first time today we were able to get a picture with all three in one shot (and actually tell who is who), that is not counting the newspaper picture.  I present from Left to Right: Bennett, Taya, and Anderson.  (I think it is a little more overwhelming when you can see the three right next to each other):


  1. Cute, Cute, Cute babies!!! Thanks for all the updates!!!!

  2. Im teary....So sweet. Thanks for sharing your babies with the world!