Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Couple More Days! NOT!

Emily went to the hospital today while we went to church.  She showed up and noticed that Anderson and Taya had no hoses or tubes on their faces!  The nurses told her that the boys should be able to come home in the next couple of days.  Awesome!  The nurse had Emily watch a couple of videos on how to care for your preemie when they come home, and how they need to avoid everything including siblings.  My thought is they should just keep the kids in the NICU until they can be touched by something.  That is pretty much going to be impossible in the Hutchings' household with 3 very busy body boys that are VERY excited to see their new siblings for the first time!

This evening we all went to the hospital to see the babies.  The nurses had asked Emily to bring the carseats next visit because they have to do a 90 minute test in the carseat to make sure everything is still good with them.  So, we walked into the hospital with our 3 kids, and carrying 3 carseats.  We must have been a sight! While Emily was with the boys in the waiting area, a guy said to her, "You're the one with the triplets, aren't you?"  She said she was, and he then asked, "How old are these triplets?" pointing to the boys, he was very shocked that someone would have 2 sets of triplets!.  She said that they weren't triplets, but they were close!  He was floored and wished her luck!
I think I'm overwhelmed now!
Taya had a Brady Episode this morning before Emily got to the hospital--5 more days for her.  Other than that though, they are all doing great!  They were all on "shift minimums", that is where they give the kids whatever they can handle in the bottle on demand, instead of a certain amount on a schedule.  All three of them did really well, they had to gavoge (tube feed) Taya a little bit this evening, so she got the feeding tube back in today, however, she was sleeping the whole time I was in there so I didn't get many pictures of her.  Anderson is kicking butt on feeding, that is why he is the chunkiest!  He is above his birth weight now, not by much, but he's above it.  Taya is right at her birth weight and Bennett is getting closer, he is about 3-4 ounces short of it still.
Taya, the sleepy head:

When I first went in to see the babies, the nurse said that it looks like it would be another 5 days.  She said all 3 of them had a Brady Episode this afternoon!  So frustrating!  5 more days!  AAAGHH!  We thought for sure that Bennett and Anderson would be coming home by Tuesday, the nurses thought so too.  Today was Bennett's 5th day without having an episode, and then BAM!  5 more days.

Other than that horrible news, they are all doing great.  Anderson is off the oxygen, no more nose hose for him, and he has no more feeding tube, he is the only one with nothing going into his nose!  First time we have seen him with nothing impeding our view of his chunky little face.  Hopefully they will have no more episodes, and Bennett's one little episode today was a fluke.  I guess we'll see!
Anderson, and his faces:
No tubes!

Gotta love the double chin!

"Blue Steel"


  1. Oh sorry about the news "5 more days"...
    But glad to hear they are doing so well otherwise!
    I have a question...what is the purpose of the little rolled up cloth behind Bennett's neck? And are you sure the nurses just aren't saying that these cuties are having Brady episodes just so they can stay with them longer???? They are getting pretty attached!!!

    1. Debbie, that was the first thing I thought about the Brady episodes -- is that the nurses are lying so they can keep the babies longer. Jake should ask for a two nurse verification and a Doctor sign off if they do have one.

      Such cute faces on Ander.

    2. Mom--I believe that is just to hold his head in place while he was in the bouncer.