Thursday, January 10, 2013

2 Weeks Old Today!

Well, we have made it to 2 weeks!  HUGE thank you's to the doctors and especially the nurses at Rust Hospital, they have been awesome and so great to the babies!  They are awesome!
Anderson's Goal is to "get ready for big brother".
If they only knew what a great goal that is, nobody can be ready for his big brother Ethan!
It is looking like we are going to be getting one of the babies home tomorrow.  Mr. Chunky Monkey is the winner.  He has just been doing awesome!  He passed his official "Carseat Test".  I guess that is where they put the baby in their carseat for 90 minutes and make sure the baby is good.  Good thing he passed it because that boy will definitely get to know his carseat!  He has gained 6 ounces above his birth weight, he has gained a total of 13ish ounces since he has been in the NICU!  Most of that has come over the last couple of days it seems like.  We are excited for him, we do wish that Bennett and Taya would be coming then too, but Monday will come soon enough (of course that is if they don't have any more Brady Episodes).

Bennett and Taya have been doing awesome too.  They are still on oxygen and will more than likely have it when they come home, and their pediatrician will have to wean them off of the oxygen.  They are eating like champs and have putting on weight.  Bennett is about 1-2 ounces above birth weight, and Taya is at about 4.12.


Again I forgot the camera, so you will have to do with the phone camera which isn't the greatest quality.  Who can complain about camera quality though when it is attached to your phone!  Phones run our lives now, it will be interesting to see what happens to all of us when (and if) we lose them, talk about mass chaos.  Scary!  Well, tomorrow's post may have pictures of Anderson in the house!  Till then.
Mommy and Babies:
Holding Taya


  1. I am so glad Anderson gets to come home!!! Sad that the other two can't join him...Just a wonderment...has anyone considered putting Taya and Bennett together in the same crib? I think I told you I did that with your sisters one night after bringing them home and they were crying and fussing, and so finally your dad suggested we put them together...and they both settled right down. Just an idea....Love you All!!!

  2. Love your blog Jake. Debbie, that is such a great story.