Saturday, December 29, 2012

Update, Day 2

I wanted to take a quick second to write down what has been going on.  Yesterday (12/28/12), they all made huge improvements.  I need to start by saying Emily has the camera at the hospital, so I am only able to put a few pics up (from my phone, so not great quality), and I don't have any recent ones of Anderson.  So, hopefully tonight I will put up some more pics!

Taya (we are leaving it spelled this way) was able to start on the NG tube, which is a tube that goes through her nose into her tummy and she is able to get the breastmilk/formula into her belly without burning any extra calories, and they have her on a 3 hour feeding schedule where I believe she is getting 5 mL every 3 hours.  We are able to hold her, and Emily did a skin to skin with her, and you should have seen the heavenly look in the eyes of Taya--and Emily for that matter!  They were both just in heaven!  So, today (12/29/12) they are going to put Taya on a bottle and have the speech pathologist observe how she does and will give the go ahead for straight bottle feedings from here out.  She is doing amazing!
Next up, Bennett.  He has progressed quite a bit too.  He was finally able to get that big mask off of his face, and get the little tubes into his nose for the oxygen.  He had the big mask on to basically help force oxygen into his lungs.  He is now doing just fine on the little nasal tubes.  He, like Taya, also started to get the NG tube, so he is able to get some nutrients into his little tummy as well.  Difference is that he started it later in the day than Taya, so he is not on the 3 hour schedule quite yet (he might be as of writing this post).  They are now slowly weaning him off of the oxygen.  We were able to hold him today for the first time!  Like I said, I don't have all of the pictures, but I will put some up! 
Bennett Day 1
Bennett Day 2
Now on to the chunky monkey, Anderson.  He too has progressed very well!  At the beginning of the day the nurses told us that he was on 2 L of oxygen, and by the time I left last night around 8, he was down to 1/4 L of oxygen, which means he is weaning himself off of it, and doesn't need as much assistance.  He like brother and sister is also on the NG tube, and he started about the same time as Bennett so he was still not quite to the 3 hour feeding, but because he is the chunkiest, he needed the most, 7 mL.  We were also able to hold him for the first time today.  In fact we got to hold him first thing in the morning!  I will put up a picture of him from early on Day 1 of Anderson:
Ander Day 1
Yesterday morning the check-in nurse at the NICU reception desk came in and told us, "They're here."  I had no idea what she was talking about, and she said that the media is here.  I thought when they told us the previous day the media was coming it was a joke.  Apparently not!  They came in and asked a few questions and took a bunch of pictures of us and the triplets.  I guess we are a big deal!  I am grateful though, because we were able to hold all 3 babies in the same room.  Emily held Bennett and Taya, and I held Ander.  It was really fun.  I felt like such a star!  Here is the link to the story:

Here's the official picture taken by Marla Brose of the ABQ Journal:
Taya's hat is kind of camouflaged against Emily's sweatshirt 


  1. Wow. That is SO awesome. I can't believe you have THREE babies!!! Hope you're feeling good, Emily. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. That is wonderful!!! It sounds like they are moving like little champs!!! Cingrats and I can't wait to read the article about you guys :)