Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Getting Close!

There have been times in my life, especially recently, when I feel like we have had so much attention, we should be on some kind of a TV show.  There are so many that come to mind:
The Partridge Family tv show photo

However, as fun as it would be to be a part of any of these shows, I think that right now the one that would best fit us would have to be:

Just thinking about how to prepare ourselves for three babies feels like it will be Doomsday!  I know that one day the triplets will read this and will probably hate us for thinking that they were nothing more than a nuclear bomb in our lives, well, I guess they kind of are!  Instead of the "blast" wiping out our entire lives though, they will be adding (lots of diapers) to it!  Maybe we should seriously consider the gas masks! I wish there was some kind of a checklist, or book, of what is needed for welcoming multiples in your home, something like this:

With the babies coming within the next 1-2 weeks, it is getting a little nerve racking!  Emily had her OB/GYN appointment yesterday, 12/13/12, and her doctor is absolutely amazed with Emily!  She is his hero!  He is so deadset on delivering these babies that he said he will not allow the perinatalist to take Emily to 36 weeks, the reason for this is that he will be out of town.  That said, if the amniocentesis comes back good on Wednesday (yes, this coming Wednesday!), they will schedule the c-section for the following day, 12/20/12.  If it comes back negative, the c-section will be scheduled for the following Thursday, 12/27/12.  So, it is official, the triplets will be born on 12/20 or 12/27.  We are taking bets!  Winners will get a personalized photo of the babies with their signature via an attachment on an email sometime in the future!  How's that for incentive? 

Emily is measuring currently at 47 weeks!  She is still just baffling every human that comes in contact with her by being on NO restrictions!  I'm pretty sure that is unheard of.  Well, I guess she shouldn't be jumping on a trampoline!  I am very proud of her, because I know it is hard, and getting harder as each day goes by.  I will close in Emily's words, "Don't underestimate the pain of swollen feet!"  
Her favorite spot these days!


  1. You guys are stars in my book!! Hang in there Emily! Your looking great BTW. Your in our prayers.

  2. I'll take the 20th. Jess' birthday.