Friday, December 28, 2012

Introducing Our Rockstars!

They made it!!!  They are here, they are all healthy (minus a couple of little lungs), Emily is doing well, it has been a good day!  It has been a long day!  It started at 3:45 when I couldn't sleep from excitement.
Last Side View
We had to be at the hospital this morning at 5:30 a.m. for some blood work the anesthesiologist.  The nurse started by hooking Emily up to some fetal heart monitors, it took some time to find the heartbeats of the boys, and when they went to find Taya's the machine said that it wouldn't do another one because there were too many hearts to keep track of on one machine!  Can you believe it?  We had too many babies!  So they had to go and get another heart machine, and even that didn't help them find her heartbeat because she was so turned, and she was moving like crazy.  I could see Emily's tummy rolling like an ocean wave from 15 feet away!  It was really cool to see!  I think Taya knew what was coming and she was excited.

After about an hour of trying to get some heartbeats, the nurse anesthetist came in to go over the procedure, and then about 30 more people, nurses, nurse managers, doctors, friends of friends, anyone and everyone at the hospital came by to say hi, and congratulations, to us.  We are a big deal at this hospital today!  It was the talk of the whole hospital.  I was just standing in hallways, and I would get people saying congratulations, or I would tell them we were having triplets and they would say they have been waiting for this day for the last couple of weeks!  I'm not talking just the labor and delivery nurses, I'm talking the room service ladies, the janitors, everyone!

The nurse anesthetist (his name was Ray and he had a sweet handlebar mustache) came back in and told us that Emily was anemic--severely anemic.  She had a number of like 7.5 out of 50.  He told us that she would probably need a transfusion, and that it would be very likely, and had they found out about this earlier, she would have had to have one regardless before the babies came.  He told us of the risks involved and disappeared.  Shortly after his disappearance Emily's OB came in.  He is such a great guy!  If you live in ABQ and need an OB, Emily HIGHLY recommends him!  Dr. Hernandez came in and told us that because of the extremely low anemic levels they may have to move us to the hospital downtown!  That would be horrible!  He did say that if that happened he was going to completely cancel his clinical day and make the trip over there to deliver the babies, but he wanted it to stay here, and so did we!

Well, luckily we won!  We were able to stay here and I'm sure the biggest deciding factor in that was the higher ups of the hospital that said they need the publicity here!  See, this hospital opened Oct 24, 2011, it is a brand new hospital.  They want to be able to say that they delivered triplets, and that they can handle it.  They can handle it, and they did--beautifully I might add!

We were taken to the OR, I had to wait out in the hallway until they were ready to cut Emily open.  I ran into one of the dentists that I work with, Dr. Blair.  He had a bunch of cancellations, so he was willing to just go take a peek to see how it was coming.  He came back and said that everything was looking good, and there were a ton of people in the room just hanging out, ready for the babies, and that Emily was doing great!  Not much longer after Dr. Blair gave me the little update, one of the nurse's came to get me to come back.

Normally they do c-sections in a little room that is dedicated to c-sections.  Not this time!  We had a whole operating room to ourselves (with about 25 other nurses and doctors).  It was a madhouse!  I came in right as Dr. Hernandez was ready to cut into my wife.  I was in their for maybe 3-4 minutes and Ray told me to stand up and watch the babies come out.  I can't even begin to describe the feelings that were flowing through me.  It was such a blessing.  He pulled Anderson out at 9:20 a.m, and his stats were 6 lbs 1 oz, and 19 inches long (I was told later those are the stats of a healthy, full term baby at 39 weeks).  At 9:21 and 12 seconds Bennett was pulled out, his stats were 5 lbs 5 oz, 17 3/4".  And finally at 9:21 and 44 seconds, Taya was born.  I actually saw them cut into Taya's sack, and pull her out.
Anderson Bay

Bennett Dale

Taya Rebecca
From there I followed the triplets to the NICU where they put Anderson and Bennett on a nose tube, and they changed Bennett's nose tube to a mask.  Taya, the rockstar, had absolutely nothing wrong, she needed no oxygen tubes, well, she did need to get an I.V. for fluids as she was still not quite ready for a bottle.  Though, as soon as they left her kind of be alone, she started gnawing on her hands, trying to get anything in her mouth and she even started to suck on the binkie.  She is by far the most ready to be weaned from the I.V.  She might be ready to go home with Emily, the boys on the other hand not quite ready, might be a couple of weeks depending on how they progress, maybe sooner.

Other than that, Emily is doing really well considering.  She has been the talk of the hospital, no one believed that she was the one having the triplets because she walked into the OR under her own power, and she was just a little too calm about it all.  That's my wife!  The only time that she saw the babies was when they were being carted out of the OR, and they let her kiss Anderson and the other two just went out.  She wasn't allowed to go see them until she could get out of her bed and walk to the bathroom, then they would put her in a wheelchair and wheel her down to see the babies.  That didn't happen until 6:00 p.m.  She had to wait almost 9 hours to see them again, face to face.  However, she was the first one to hold any of the babies, and that was Taya.  The boys are not able to be held yet, maybe in the next couple of days.  It was so sweet to see her bond with them.
First View of Bennett

First View of Anderson

First View of Taya
My Girls!
The one sad thing about this whole experience is that our older boys can't see the babies at all until they come home because it is RSV season and they won't let any kids under the age of 14 in any of the rooms.  I feel bad for them, especially Cooper because he is really excited to see them.  How nice it has been though to have Gary and Becky, and my parents here to be able to take part in this awesome experience!  And a huge thanks to my parents these couple of days for watching the brothers!
Grandma with Taya
Grammy with Taya
We are having a dilemma that we didn't think we would have, the nurses and everyone else keep pronouncing Taya "Tie-ah".  We are considering changing spelling to Teya.  PLEASE let us know what you think.  Until something else remarkable happens, enjoy some more pictures:
Bennett at First Arrival to NICU 

Me changing Bennett, gotta love the tar poop!


  1. Wow! I admire Emily so much. Your babies are beautiful. Congrats!

  2. I am sooo thankful and feel so blessed to be part of this! And when we were getting lunch yesterday in the hospital cafeteria, there were several people that came and said, "Congratulations!" That's really something!!! I have a suggestion on the spelling...Taiya (just a suggestion)...
    Thanks for letting us be here! Your babies a adorable...all 6 of them!! Love you!!

  3. Oh they are so beautiful!!! Love the "bane-ett" picture- LOL!!!
    I am so glad Em is doing well, and so impressed that she walked herself into the OR. So what did they end up doing for the anemia? You didn't mention that part, just that she could stay.
    I think both spellings for Taya or Teya are cute. Teya would definitely have fewer confused people since it is more phonetic, but they both say the same name :)
    Good luck and congrats!!! I am so happy for you guys

  4. Congratulations! Bennett looks so tiny compared to you- when you're changing his diaper. I can't wait to cuddle them someday. I hope you all get some rest and Emily recovers well and quickly. We are so excited for you all!! Good luck!

  5. I was waiting all day to read your post! Go Emily! Great news on all of those sweet babies and I can't wait to read more! I love all of their names! ...If people are having problems pronouncing "Taya", "Teya" would be beautiful, but maybe even "Taiya". Totally a suggestion. Can't wait to meet them all!

  6. Thanks for the update and the pictures! They are all so beautiful! Here's my 2 cents on the name problem: spell it the way you like it most and people will adapt! I was worried about people mispronouncing Maia because of the way it is spelled but we liked it that way the best and it had a family tie so we left it. Some people say it wrong, but most get it right and it's no big deal to correct those that need it:) Any way you do it will be perfect! I like it Taya:)