Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Today is Ethan's Birthday, officially we can no longer call him "Baby", though he will always be "Baby".  Up until sometime this year when you asked him what his name was, he would reply, "Baby".  Classic little Ethan.  Today he turns 4 years old.  There are days when I feel like it was just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital, and there are other days where I feel like he has been here forever!  What a great, fun, very literal, joy he has been to our family!  He will be an awesome older brother.  We have designated the older boys to be in charge of one of the triplets, and Ethan is in charge of Anderson.  Ethan will tell you that he is in charge of "Ander Boba Fett".

We were able to somewhat celebrate his birthday today.  Emily is still in the hospital, and the boys can't go back to her room, so we improvised and took the party to waiting lobby area in front of the NICU.  I made him some yummy cupcakes that we took with us, and took all of his presents there too.  He was so excited, and all the boys were thrilled to see Emily.  They haven't seen her since Wednesday night!  It was such fun because it was in a very different place than home.
Party Time!
Ethan had to have a "Soldier Party", his cupcake has the soldier on it!
Playing with his Loot!
Inside of the NICU, the triplets are doing fantastically!  All 3 of them took a bottle multiple times today!  They are progressing so well.  They are all still under the billirubin lights getting a nice little billi-tan.  The boys are still on oxygen.  Bennett and Taya are still on their heating tables, and Ander is still in his crib so he is still able to self-heat.  Bennett is on about 1.5 L of oxygen, so he is down a little from yesterday, and Ander is at 1/4 to 1/8 L, so he will most likely be off sometime tomorrow.  The nurses and doctors are still very pleased with their progress and the doctor told us tonight that she thinks they might be able to come home by next weekend!  That is about the news for today with them.  They are still rockstars, and they are doing awesome!
Me and Bennett
Bennett catching a few rays
Emily is doing awesome and will be coming home tomorrow!  She has passed all of her "tests" that she needed to pass in order to qualify to come home, she did all of that as of yesterday, but she wants to stay one more night to be close to the babies, because from here on out it will be a lot of driving back and forth to the hospital, but I think that she is ready to come home.  It gets very lonely by yourself in a hospital room.


  1. Love your posts honey! Love that it records everything we need to remember for their journals!

  2. Emily and Jake - love the pictures of the family. So glad to hear that the babies are all doing well. Glad that Emily is doing great too.