Saturday, December 1, 2012

Good Bye Old Friend!

Yesterday was a very bittersweet day in our preparation for the triplets to arrive.  We had to say goodbye to a very loyal and faithful part of the family.  It had been with us for 6 years, almost to the day.  It took us from one side of the country to the other and back again!  It took us safely across 25(ish) state borders.  To several activities, games, shopping who knows how many times, not to mention all the Costco runs!  Yes, it is very hard to see it go because unfortunately we will not all fit in it as we add 3 more little bodies to our family.  We have to make room for a new member, a bigger one.

We are so grateful that we were able to sell the Odyssey, and we are extremely grateful for the new "Snowball" coming our way.  For now I say, Adios Odyssey.  You will be missed immensely!

Our last view of the Odyssey in its new home.

Snowball, just hanging out in Utah for a couple more weeks!


  1. oh sad!!! I will cry when we sell Princess, Odyssey's are great cars. Hoe many miles did you have on yours when you said goodbye?
    Snowball is GORGEOUS!!!!! I bet you love everything about it more than the Odyssey (except the sliding doors and the gas mileage)

  2. Snowball is pretty sexy though!! Bye Odyssey!