Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Frustration Sets In!

It would appear that several people are very excited about the update of the amniocentesis that took place today.  I will let that wait for a little bit.  There are a few other things that I need to mention first.  Just kidding, I will tell you that what we know so far is that the amnio came back saying that the babies need to stay in there for another week.  Darn-it all to heck! (Gotta love Mormon swearing!)  Emily was not pleased with that piece of info.  She got a call from the perinatalist, and they said that it looked like they needed to schedule the next BTP ultrasound.  According to Emily, BTP stands for "the Bio-Physical Thing", works for me.  Emily asked the lady if that meant that her amnio came back negative, and the lady said, "Oh, your OB hasn't called you yet?"  Um, I think that would qualify as a question that was not thought out before asked, aka--a dumb question.

As of this moment, Wednesday, 12/19/12 at 4:45 pm, we have yet to hear from the OB.  Emily has called them and they told her that the doctor has been with patients all day.  Now in my little brain, this doctor has said that he is excited for these babies, he is planning on being here when they are delivered (he claims he will postpone his vacation plans to make sure that happens), he just seems excited for these triplets; so I am thinking that there is no way that he has not looked at the results.  My guess is that something came back very alarming to him, and he is trying to come up with a very strategic way of telling Emily.  Who knows though?  I guess when he finally gets the time to look at the results he will let us know!  Gotta love doctors and their attention to punctuality!  Just imagine Emily's frustration when he told her this morning that we would know  the results by 1, and the only way we found out is by the silly question lady that called earlier!

We were really hoping to have the babies before this weather forecast comes to pass:

Let me move on.  So, this picture has been forwarded, shared, liked, etc by just about everyone that we know saying that they thought of us when they first saw it:

I can't imagine why!  There are 2 main differences in this picture than what ours would look like.  The first difference is we were planning on 1, hoping for a second and the third never even crossed our minds!  So ours would read something like #1: I was planned, #2: I was hoped for, #3: WHAT?!? 3??? (on the back of this would read, "Time for a new car!")  Seriously though, this kind of stuff just cracks us up, so please keep them coming!  Difference #2: all 3 of our babies would have socks on!  Seriously, that is just child abuse, I want to know who this mother is and get her prosecuted! (Now, for all of you who think I am serious about this, please lighten up!)

So, with the amniocentesis Emily had a BTP ultrasound today.  According to that, everything is looking perfect still!    I think that if Emily wants to have these babies before 12/31/12, she is going to need to jump on the trampoline.  Could you imagine Emily with an ear to ear smile bouncing up and down on the trampoline right now?  Me neither.  Oh well, I think I will still suggest it!  Here is a picture of her 34 week mark:
We were driving around the neighborhood the other night looking at Christmas lights and came across a house that rivals Clark Griswold's!  This house is like a star leading the way to...nowhere really, we are in ABQ!  Check it out:

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  1. Another week?!?! In honor of your "news" I ate the rest of my Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Fro-Yo ice cream.