Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 3

Here we are, Day 3!  Today was a good day.  We realized today that each of the kids is a rockstar at something...Taya doesn't need oxygen, Bennett is a good bottle feeder (today anyway), and Anderson doesn't need a heater (he "self" heats).  They are all just doing so amazing!

Again, I will start with Taya.  I failed to mention that yesterday right before she did skin to skin with Emily, she had her first little sponge bath, she didn't like it too well.  So, today (12/29) at about 6 a.m. the nurses decided that all of the babies needed to go under the blue lights for jaundice, they will stay under those for about 24 hours, none of them are particularly fond of being under those lights, especially Ander!  Back to Taya.  They put her in the little portable crib that most babies are in after birth, she was able to maintain her body temp just fine...for a few hours anyway.  About mid-day they had to put her back on the heater bed to keep her temp up.  At around 9 a.m. the speech pathologist came in to try a bottle feeding.  They put about 12 mL of milk/formula in a bottle and tested her for her suck/swallow/breathing motion, she couldn't quite grasp it, she got about 1 mL through the bottle and they had to put the rest through the NG tube.  Overall, it was kind of a "lazy" day for Taya, just laying under the tanning bed lights...what a diva--already!!!  Here are some pictures of her from yesterday and today:
Watch out boys, she's here!
Sponge Bath
In Heaven with Mommy
Next up the totem pole, Bennett.  He made some great progress today, and then decided to go back to the old ways, but it is progress!  They took him down from 2 L of oxygen to 1/4 L, he was doing great on that for about 2 hours, and then he started to need more, so they put him back on the hi-flow oxygen.  He stayed in his heater bed today since they didn't want him to use up all of his nutrients and energy heating himself, he still has to build up those lungs!  However, this monster decided he wanted the bottle!  The speech pathologist was amazed at how well he did.  It took a few minutes for him to figure out what he was doing, but when he figured it out, he went to town and downed all 13 mL of his bottle!  We were able to hold him for quite awhile this afternoon to give him a break from the billirubin lights, it was great!  Emily got to do some skin to skin with him and Anderson today.  They, like Taya, loved every second of it!
Daddy and Bennett
Blondie downing that bottle!
Momma's Boy!
Relaxation Time
Mr. Anderson.  Ander.  The chunker.  He today was not a happy camper under the lights.  We all believe it is because he was trapped in utero in the pelvis area, and he had his brother and sister right on top of him.  We guess that he didn't move a whole lot while he was in there, in other words, he just sat there and got chunky!  So now that he is out, he doesn't know what to do with all of his freedom, he has to be wrapped tight and he's happy, otherwise his arms just kinda flail everywhere and he doesn't like it!  He did great on oxygen today, he stayed at the 1/4 L all day, and tomorrow they will probably take him off of the oxygen!  Also, they put him in the portable crib, and he is continuing to maintain his body temp, so he is staying in the crib!  One step down and about 50 to go!  He is such a cute little chunky monkey!
Enjoying the tanning bed
Very content!
All covered up! 
Sweet Little Guy!
I will say, it is getting a little overwhelming (and difficult) trying to figure out who is who when looking back at all of the pictures.  If you will notice, there is a little "A" or "B" yellow sticky note on their cribs.  Taya is still easy because she doesn't have the nose tubes like the boys.  We need to figure out a way to keep it all straight!  Give us some ideas if you have any.  Till tomorrow!
Taya (12/28)
Anderson (12/28)
Bennett (12/28)


  1. Congrats you two! They are amazing little angels. Can't wait to meet them. An idea for telling them apart in the pictures, give each one a small stuffed animal or hat that always stays in the crib with them so you'll know who it is.

  2. They are so adorable, I'm so glad they're doing so well! They just need their own little beanies to tell them apart!

  3. Thanks for all the updates, Jake. Denise and I love the vivid descriptions and can feel the love for them that you and Emily have. Keep it coming.
    Rodger and Denise