Saturday, November 10, 2012


Last night I returned from my trip to Buffalo, NY for my dental school interview (which I of course rocked, hah!).  I began telling Emily all about it as we were sitting on the couch.  When I was done telling her my story, she began to tell me her story of her day.  And any of you mothers out there will very much appreciate what she did, even though Emily is a little embarrassed by it.

Emily said that she woke up at about 5 am and couldn't go back to sleep.  She started to get a little nervous because she wasn't feeling baby girl moving at all.  She then started to go into all of the reasons why she wouldn't be feeling her, these reasons were all brought up at her last ultrasound.  Baby Taya was measuring the smallest of the 3 and her head was measuring abnormally small (for those of you who knew me as a baby know that I had the complete opposite problem).  Emily was starting to convince herself that Taya was gone.  She was so scared!  She said she had a conversation with me in her head about what I would tell her to do which would be to call the doctor.

After about 3 hours of laying there in bed, still having not felt Baby Taya, she was in extreme panic mode.  She got the boys up, got Cooper ready for school, sent him off and then called the doctor.  They told her to call the perinatalist, so she did and they told her to come in.  She went in and waited in the reception area, with Crazy Luke and Insane Ethan, they are those kids that run around and you think to yourself, "why can't that mother control her children".  They are those kids!  She was in the reception area waiting for about an hour before they called finally called her back to the ultrasound.  The "Nutsos" (Luke and Ethan) followed her in.  They got the ultrasound goop on her belly and started to search for life.  All 3 were there and fine.  Phew!  Then the ultrasound tech brought out this mechanism, put it to her belly.  Emily said, "Wait, what is that?"  The tech said, "It's ok, I'm just going to shock them so I can see their diaphragms expand."  Oh, sure, no problem, shock away.

"Clear!" (I don't know how to spell the shocking noise it makes, so...) Shocking noise.  On the screen the babies all of sudden started to jerk around.  Oh, good they are definitely still alive!  Emily said that the tech shocked the two boys because they are a little lazier than the girl and don't like to practice breathing.  However, they weren't cooperating so they each got shocked about 10 times.  Poor kids!  So, just like every other mother who has carried a baby in her uterus, Emily had a scare and I am SO grateful she went to the doctor.  I do wish she would have let me know though!  I understand why she didn't, I mean I was in New York, there wasn't much I could have done.  But she thought for a while that they were going to have to an emergency c-section, fortunately for everyone involved that was not the case!

She also took the brothers in for their yearly check up, where we found that Ethan and Luke are the same size!  Cooper and Luke are both in the 25th percentile for height and weight, and Ethan is in the 75th percentile for height and weight.  Way to go Ethan!  Cooper and Luke need to start eating!

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  1. That would be so scary!!! I'm glad babies are all doing well- did Em feel the shock at all?