Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ambienisms Part 2, and Updates

Last night Emily and I were laying in bed discussing some very important things about the arrival of the babies, when out of the blue she says, "Jude Law is a tough guy!" and then giggled.  Where did that come from?

Ok.  Confession: that had nothing to do with Ambien.  In fact Emily didn't even say it.  I did.  In the middle of the night, while in a very deep sleep I said that Jude Law is a tough guy, and yes, apparently I giggled too. I apparently have a man-crush on Jude Law.  Can you blame me, I mean he is pretty tough!

Update:  Emily is 31 weeks + 3 days preggers.  She had a quick ultrasound yesterday (Nov 27, 2012), just to make sure the babies are doing well.  She will have one of these next week as well, and then at 33 weeks she will have the big marathon ultrasound again.  I was able to go to this one, it has been a very long time since I have been able to go and see the munchkins so it was awesome to see them.  They are a wiggly bunch!  The ultrasound tech had to give my baby girl the shock therapy yesterday.  I guess they want to see the babies practicing their breathing, Taya wasn't doing it, so the tech brought out the taser gun.  Poor little girl!  She did do it finally, so everything continues to look just about perfect, much to Emily's dismay.  The tech said that if Emily is doing good, and she makes it to 34 weeks it is going to be very difficult to talk the doctor out of continuing on to 36.  That was very unwelcoming news to Emily.  She is SO ready to have these babies, she is in a lot of pain.  My poor girl!

Continuing to Grow!

My little girl! Check out those lips!

Aside from all of the pregnancy stuff, I will give a quick update:  the Crofts and Bells came to ABQ to participate in the Thanksgiving festivities (it was great to see them again!), at the annual "non-church sponsored" Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving morning I decided it had been too long since my last concussion and decided it was high time to get another one (I do not recommend that), on Monday the 26th of November Cooper and Luke both went to the dentist for some work to be done.  Cooper had a previous filling that fell out, and because of that, he needed to have a wonderful silver cap put on, plus he lost his 2 bottom teeth which the tooth fairy paid him handsomely for.  Luke had a nice little filling put in.  Thanks to Dr. Rowan for helping my boys out!  Finally, since Saturday we have been putting up some Christmas stuff, it is taking a little longer this year because this house is full of handicaps!  Emily very pregnant, me with a concussion (it's probably all in my head), and the boys...well, let's just say they think they are helping a lot!

Here are some pictures:
The 4 little Indians!

Uncle Jim showing off his knife skills!

New chair for Grampa (I mean the babies) when they come

He really is asleep! 

Cooper minus two teeth + a silver one

Christmas Time!

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  1. Oh Emily looks amazing, uncomfortable but amazing! And those ultra sounds are awesome, I never got one of those, I love how you can see the detail of the babies, very neat! Your Christmas tree looks great. And a bbq in November?! I'm jealous!