Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ambienisms Part 2, and Updates

Last night Emily and I were laying in bed discussing some very important things about the arrival of the babies, when out of the blue she says, "Jude Law is a tough guy!" and then giggled.  Where did that come from?

Ok.  Confession: that had nothing to do with Ambien.  In fact Emily didn't even say it.  I did.  In the middle of the night, while in a very deep sleep I said that Jude Law is a tough guy, and yes, apparently I giggled too. I apparently have a man-crush on Jude Law.  Can you blame me, I mean he is pretty tough!

Update:  Emily is 31 weeks + 3 days preggers.  She had a quick ultrasound yesterday (Nov 27, 2012), just to make sure the babies are doing well.  She will have one of these next week as well, and then at 33 weeks she will have the big marathon ultrasound again.  I was able to go to this one, it has been a very long time since I have been able to go and see the munchkins so it was awesome to see them.  They are a wiggly bunch!  The ultrasound tech had to give my baby girl the shock therapy yesterday.  I guess they want to see the babies practicing their breathing, Taya wasn't doing it, so the tech brought out the taser gun.  Poor little girl!  She did do it finally, so everything continues to look just about perfect, much to Emily's dismay.  The tech said that if Emily is doing good, and she makes it to 34 weeks it is going to be very difficult to talk the doctor out of continuing on to 36.  That was very unwelcoming news to Emily.  She is SO ready to have these babies, she is in a lot of pain.  My poor girl!

Continuing to Grow!

My little girl! Check out those lips!

Aside from all of the pregnancy stuff, I will give a quick update:  the Crofts and Bells came to ABQ to participate in the Thanksgiving festivities (it was great to see them again!), at the annual "non-church sponsored" Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving morning I decided it had been too long since my last concussion and decided it was high time to get another one (I do not recommend that), on Monday the 26th of November Cooper and Luke both went to the dentist for some work to be done.  Cooper had a previous filling that fell out, and because of that, he needed to have a wonderful silver cap put on, plus he lost his 2 bottom teeth which the tooth fairy paid him handsomely for.  Luke had a nice little filling put in.  Thanks to Dr. Rowan for helping my boys out!  Finally, since Saturday we have been putting up some Christmas stuff, it is taking a little longer this year because this house is full of handicaps!  Emily very pregnant, me with a concussion (it's probably all in my head), and the boys...well, let's just say they think they are helping a lot!

Here are some pictures:
The 4 little Indians!

Uncle Jim showing off his knife skills!

New chair for Grampa (I mean the babies) when they come

He really is asleep! 

Cooper minus two teeth + a silver one

Christmas Time!

Monday, November 19, 2012

27 Pounds!!!

On Thursday, Nov 15, 2012, Emily went in to her OB/GYN for the quick appointment to see how things are progressing.  They are definitely progressing!  She was 29 1/2 weeks on Thursday, and based on her measurement, she is at 46 weeks!  That is like she is 6 weeks overdue.  My poor wife, I know that she is in pain, and that she wants nothing more than to bring these babies into the world, but she is doing awesome!  I dare anyone of you out there to find a woman pregnant with triplets that is doing better than my wife (yes, I may be bias, but it is true).  Her doctor even said that Emily is his hero, and I have to second that!  Her doctor didn't put her on any restrictions, AMAZING!  Here she is at 30 Weeks:

Today, Nov 19, 2012, Emily went in for her 30 Week ultrasound.  We were guessing as to how big the babies would be: Emily's guess 3 lbs 5 oz for the boys, and 3 lbs 2 oz for the girl; my guess was 3 lbs 6 oz, 3 lbs 4 oz for the boys, and 3 lbs 2 oz for the girl.  We even got an email from today and I looked at it before Emily went in and this is what it said:  "Your baby's about 15.7 inches long now, and she weighs almost 3 pounds (like a head of cabbage)."  Now keep in mind that this is for a singleton baby.  Step in ultrasound tech to give us the "official" numbers (I will start with the small one): 3 lbs 2 oz for the girl, so far we were both right; 3 lbs 4 oz for baby B, Jake is in the lead in the guessing department; and 3 lbs 11 oz for baby A--no that is not a typo, almost 3.75 pounds!  What!?!  How is that possible?  Then they told us that the kid has a gigantic head!  95th percentile!  Yup, that is my kid, the fathead!  

The last time Emily had her marathon ultrasound like this one, the doctor said that he wouldn't let her go past 34 weeks.  Today, he changed his mind.  Because in her words, her "body is a tank and won't give up!" the doctor decided to let her go to 35 weeks, possibly 36!  That is most definitely NOT what Em wanted to hear, especially when she had her heart and mind set on 34.  So, if babies go to 35 weeks, that would make them Christmas Eve babies, if they go to 36 that would make them New Year's Eve babies (which would also sandwich them right in between Luke Jan 1, and Ethan Dec 30).  We of course are hoping that the babies are just healthy when they join our family, but we kind of hope that it is not after Dec 17, yes we are being a little selfish, sorry if that offends you, if it does go get pregnant with triplets and when you are at 30 weeks let's talk!

The doctor was jokingly telling Emily that if she went to 39 weeks, she would have 27 pounds of babies!  OUCH! Emily wasn't laughing with him.  Here are a couple of the pictures that she got today, it is very hard to get the babies to cooperate to get their picture (imagine family pictures in 2-3 years, pure chaos!).  Enjoy:

Ander Bay

Bennett Dale

Oh yeah, I don't think that I have mentioned that we have ditched the name Davis and decided to go with Ander (for my friends in Cache Valley, we just didn't think we could pull off the silent "h" like Kenny could!).  We like it better, let us know what you think!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Last night I returned from my trip to Buffalo, NY for my dental school interview (which I of course rocked, hah!).  I began telling Emily all about it as we were sitting on the couch.  When I was done telling her my story, she began to tell me her story of her day.  And any of you mothers out there will very much appreciate what she did, even though Emily is a little embarrassed by it.

Emily said that she woke up at about 5 am and couldn't go back to sleep.  She started to get a little nervous because she wasn't feeling baby girl moving at all.  She then started to go into all of the reasons why she wouldn't be feeling her, these reasons were all brought up at her last ultrasound.  Baby Taya was measuring the smallest of the 3 and her head was measuring abnormally small (for those of you who knew me as a baby know that I had the complete opposite problem).  Emily was starting to convince herself that Taya was gone.  She was so scared!  She said she had a conversation with me in her head about what I would tell her to do which would be to call the doctor.

After about 3 hours of laying there in bed, still having not felt Baby Taya, she was in extreme panic mode.  She got the boys up, got Cooper ready for school, sent him off and then called the doctor.  They told her to call the perinatalist, so she did and they told her to come in.  She went in and waited in the reception area, with Crazy Luke and Insane Ethan, they are those kids that run around and you think to yourself, "why can't that mother control her children".  They are those kids!  She was in the reception area waiting for about an hour before they called finally called her back to the ultrasound.  The "Nutsos" (Luke and Ethan) followed her in.  They got the ultrasound goop on her belly and started to search for life.  All 3 were there and fine.  Phew!  Then the ultrasound tech brought out this mechanism, put it to her belly.  Emily said, "Wait, what is that?"  The tech said, "It's ok, I'm just going to shock them so I can see their diaphragms expand."  Oh, sure, no problem, shock away.

"Clear!" (I don't know how to spell the shocking noise it makes, so...) Shocking noise.  On the screen the babies all of sudden started to jerk around.  Oh, good they are definitely still alive!  Emily said that the tech shocked the two boys because they are a little lazier than the girl and don't like to practice breathing.  However, they weren't cooperating so they each got shocked about 10 times.  Poor kids!  So, just like every other mother who has carried a baby in her uterus, Emily had a scare and I am SO grateful she went to the doctor.  I do wish she would have let me know though!  I understand why she didn't, I mean I was in New York, there wasn't much I could have done.  But she thought for a while that they were going to have to an emergency c-section, fortunately for everyone involved that was not the case!

She also took the brothers in for their yearly check up, where we found that Ethan and Luke are the same size!  Cooper and Luke are both in the 25th percentile for height and weight, and Ethan is in the 75th percentile for height and weight.  Way to go Ethan!  Cooper and Luke need to start eating!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ambienisms Part 1

So, you know how on facebook mom's are always posting funny, cute or very intelligent things that their kids say?  Well, I have decided to write about the funny things that Emily has said to me while under the influence of Ambien!  She first started taking ambien when we went camping over the Labor Day weekend, and it didn't really work then.  The warning was this: "Take only ONE capsule at night, right as you are going to sleep as Ambien takes effect instantly."  She kind of laughed at it, because drugs don't really work on her that well.  Boy, does it work now!!!  It is great!

To set the scene:  In the evenings Emily and I usually head to bed at about 10:45, after watching an episode of Chopped on the Food Network (great show!).  Emily is usually the first one up to our room, and then I check emails, facebook, etc for about 15 minutes.  Confession: a lot of times I wait just so the Ambien will kick in, because it is kind of fun to see what Emily is going to say while on the drug.  Once in bed we usually read the scriptures for a little while and then we say prayers together.  The following is an example of one night of Emily's Ambienisms.  Side note--I am not telling you this to try and embarrass Emily, I am writing it because...well, I don't know why.  But it is funny.

Jake: Should we read?
Em: Ok, you start.
J: I think you should start because you'll be asleep in 10 seconds, but I'll start anyway. (I began reading, and knowing that she was about asleep when I started I only read like 3-4 paragraphs)
J: Ok, your turn, hun.
E: Silence
J: Em, it's your turn.
E: Silence
J: Ok, let's stop there.
E: No, I'm ok to read
J: No, we're done.
E: Silence

5 seconds later she woke up, so we began our prayers.  Now, for prayers, especially now that Emily is not able to move very easily, she just continues to lay down on the bed, and I kneeled kinda behind her with my head on her shoulder thinking that might help her stay awake during the prayer.

Emily began her prayer, and 5 seconds later begins to mumble for about 10 seconds, then silence.  I squeeze her leg to help her along.  More mumbling, then out of nowhere:

E: What's that on my shoulder? Oh, I couldn't figure it out.  That's where I got my tetanus shot, and they said that it might hurt, so I didn't know what it was.
J (laughing now): You can finish the prayer now.  Just say in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
E (partially mumbling again): Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

20 minutes later.  I was reading my book when Em flips over very quickly as if she forgot something:

E: Did we read?
J: Yes, and prayed.  You said the prayer.
E: No I didn't.  We didn't read did we?  Was I supposed to get in the....
J: What!?  Get on the what?
E: Nothing, I was in Egypt.
J (laughing a lot now!)

Gotta love the ambien.  It has actually saved her this pregnancy, because she can sleep at least for a few good, solid hours.  Thank you ambien.  Thank you for what you have done for my wife, and thank you for making me laugh on a nightly basis!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh Crap!

“Oh crap! Measuring at 41 weeks.  I am gonna be massive!”  This is the text I got from Emily after her 27 week 3 day appointment with her OB/GYN.  How many out there have taken a baby past their due date by a week?  You know how you wanted to get that baby out of there?  Well, just imagine knowing that you still have 4-6 weeks left!  Needless to say, Emily is at that point.  She says she is ready to get them out, she is getting to be in a lot of pain.  She is such a trooper.  The doctor even said that he has never seen a triplet pregnancy go so well.  No need for bedrest yet!  However, I think she is really wanting to slow down.  I say want because she can’t, she can’t let herself slow down.  I love her to death and I respect that she is putting up such a fight! However, I think she is now being physically forced to slow down and it is killing her!

She went in to her 27 week ultrasound on Monday, October 29th.  Everything is looking VERY good!  The ultrasound tech said that these are about the most wiggly babies she has ever seen.  I just hope they learn to calm down before they make their appearance to the outside world!  Or else things could get very interesting!  The perinatalist said that he won't let her go beyond 34 weeks, but everything is so good she doesn't have to go in for another 3 weeks, which will put her at 30 weeks!  We are hoping for 32 weeks, and that puts them 2 days before my birthday.  That would be an awesome birthday present for me!

Here is a picture of our little girl.  They were unable to get pictures of the boys because their heads were facing Emily's back.  She looks so peaceful!

Update on the "new" car.  The title is now ours.  However, a few days ago she met someone named Sandy, Hurricane Sandy that is. My first thought was:


That said, we have been assured that the Denali is in a safe location and no damage has occured, the transportation vehicle is just waiting for a gas station with a line that is less than 5 miles long, so it might take awhile for it to show up.  That's fine by us, since we still have a month to go before the babies show up and we actually "need" the vehicle.

Since it has been awhile since I have posted I am going to put a couple of our Halloween pictures up, because it makes sense to do it on the triplets blog and not the family blog!