Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Vehicle!

No more than 8 weeks to go!  I am just going to say it…I am scared!  I read an email the other day from someone that said she had her triplets at 30 weeks.  That is only 4 weeks away (well more like 3 and a half now).  I think that is the moment that it really hit me what we are in for.  I am very nervous.  I will refer to my roller coaster comparison now…up until now it has been like looking at the roller coaster from a distance thinking to myself, “that doesn’t look too bad!” Well, now I feel like I am next in line, and you start to think that maybe it does look a little scarier now that I am right here.  It won’t be much longer until I am actually getting in the little car.  All I can say is that the first thing I do when I sit in that cart is to put on the seatbelt, very tightly! 

Oh, the butterflies that I am starting to feel, they may be small now, but they are definitely getting bigger and starting to fly faster! 

The fact that we are getting a new vehicle hasn’t helped much either!  Yes, we are that family, the one that no longer fits in a minivan!  Who doesn’t fit in a minivan?  Crazy families that’s who!  Now, preparing to make its official debut in the Hutchings Family, straight from the great state of New York, our “new” family vehicle, due to make its New Mexico appearance in a couple of weeks, a 2001 GMC Yukon XL Denali (hopefully): 

White Beauty! This is the actual vehicle

Emily just informed me that she is feeling 100% opposite of me (thank goodness).  My guess is that she is saying that because she just wants to get those 3 little monkeys that are having a "sock hop" in her belly out!  I honestly can't blame her, those little tikes are getting bigger and bigger, and deciding to use her rib cage as a foot rest.  We are guessing that they are all over 2 pounds each now, but we will know for sure on Monday since that is her next ultrasound.  It is so nice to know that when one of us is feeling scared and stressed, the other one feels cool, calm, and collected!

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