Friday, August 17, 2012

Ultrasound #1

After a series of blood tests, all of which came back with a higher number than the last (which is a great thing), we were convinced that it was either twins or one.  This conviction was based on the fact that the numbers were still not quite as high as they needed to be for twins, but they were a lot higher than a single baby.  So, there you have it, twins or singleton.  On June 8, 2012 we walked into the ultrasound very excited, and nervous.  We put 3 embryos back in, and the likelihood that all 3 took was slim to none, so possibility of triplets never really crossed our mind.  The only time it crossed our mind was when we would get mad at Jennefer every time she told us (which was VERY frequently) that she was praying super hard for triplets because that would be the best deal...financially speaking (you need to know Jennefer to truly appreciate the "money saving" bit).  We did not want triplets because that would screw up all of our plans for the upcoming year, Emily was planning on teaching pre-school, we were planning on keeping our car, etc.  So, triplets never crossed our mind for real until this first ultrasound.

"Well, you have at least twins!"  That's what the ultrasound tech told us.  What do you mean "at least"?  It is either 2 or 3, not "at least" twins.  Where did she get her training, some backwoods garage university in Northeast New Mexico?  Then we all saw them, 2 beautiful babies, with a third sack where there should be a baby, but she could not move the probe around good enough to ever see anything in the sack.  Plus, the third sack was measuring about a week behind the other 2 sacks (which both actually contained a fetus with a heartbeat).  Look for yourselves:

Twins, we are having twins, possibly (but not a good chance) it's triplets.  So, what did we do, we decided to tell people we are going to have twins, maybe triplets, but most likely twins.  We had to wait one more week to find out for sure.  Let me say this, if you think waiting to see if the pee stick was a positive or negative, that to us was nothing compared to that next week of anticipation to see if it was 2 or 3.  Twins people can handle, everyone knows someone: mom, sister, cousin, aunt, etc that has had twins.  Heck, my mom and Emily's mom both had twins, my aunt and sister-in-law both had twins.  Twins, though hard to raise is do-able, at least they make it seem that way.  Triplets on the other do you even prepare for that?!?  I mean we had to take out every possible loan we could just to get pregnant, how could we afford to feed 3 mouths, buy 3 sets of diapers, buy a new car, 3 sets of clothes, triple stroller, triple high chairs, triple cribs, triple pack-n-plays, triple babysitters (forget that, who wants to babysit 6 kids?).  No.  We were pregnant with twins.  Period.  Or are we?  We will find out at the next ultrasound.  That week seemed to last about a good year, maybe 2.

Well, here we go again.  Back to the doctor's office, on June 15, 2012, to verify that it was to be twins, not triplets.  This time we had a different ultrasound tech, hopefully she got her degree at a more prestigious university than the previous one, right?  She got everything up and running, probing from every angle (which Ethan found fascinating by the way, until we realized that he had gone very quiet; see, we were so into the ultrasound to make sure it was twins we kinda lost track of the kiddos! Awkward!)  There they were, 2 beautiful babies, with strong heartbeats.  TWINS!  Talk about a sigh of relief.  The tech said that the other sack was what they refer to as an "invisible twin", or in our case an "invisible triplet", which is basically a baby that started to form but stopped growing very early in the pregnancy.  Here is the proof of this finding by the ultrasound tech:

I will not lie, we were SO excited!!!  Now, for certain it was twins, we could shout it out to everyone.  Twins it is!  We can continue with all of our plans, Emily can teach preschool, no new car, now we only needed double of everything, we would struggle with that, but not as bad as if there was one more.  We were happy!  Plus, we had a whole bunch of support from some very close family members who could help us with the mental aspect of twins.  Phew!

So, that is about it for now.  We have our next ultrasound on July 5, a couple more weeks.  Till then.

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