Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Baby Machines...NOT!

I need to clear something up really quick. This is what people think when they see our little (soon to be huge) family..."Wow, they are baby making machines!"  Given the fact that we have our 3 little boys now, ages 3,4 and 5, and Emily's belly is poking out more and more with every day that passes, you can't help but think we are baby making machines.  I find this kind of funny, since in reality Emily and I have only really "made" one baby (Ethan) on our own.  Doctors have been our baby making machines!  Emily "just" carries the babies, not makes them.  I bring this up because I find it extremely entertaining to blow peoples minds with the triplets "baking in the oven" while they are commenting on the 3 little boys.  I say something like, "You think those 3 are crazy? What is REALLY crazy is that my wife is pregnant with triplets! That's CRAZY!!!"  I have received some of the most interesting, funny, and disgusted faces.

Emily hates it when I tell people, but I love it.  I think I embarrassed her for the first time ever yesterday in Jo-Ann's Fabric Store (yes, I shop there).  This was the first time that she was actually with me when I told someone about the triplets in addition to our current trio.  It was classic!  I have never seen Emily's face go red like that.  I want anyone out there reading this to tell me if they have ever embarrassed Emily...I would bet not, but if you have I want to hear the story.  She is one tough egg to crack!  That is what I love about her (well, one of the things anyway).

On August 20, 2012 we went in for the "Marathon Ultrasound", where they looked very closely at the anatomy of the three little ones "baking in the oven".  They had that joystick thing smearing jelly on Emily's belly for about an hour and a half!  To save you a lot of time, I will just say this, we have 3 very healthy babies.  All of them are measuring perfectly, heartbeats are great, and they are still wiggling around.  Remember how last time we went in for our ultrasound and they guessed at the sexes of the babies?  Well, just like every other ultrasound we have had, the tech was wrong again!  I am not surprised, I will give her the benefit of the doubt, and say that she did tell us she was guessing.  So, Baby A was a boy at the last ultrasound and remained such at the "official" telling, BABY A is a BOY!  Baby B was a girl at the last showing, and this time, BABY B is a...BOY!  2 boys, one to go.  At this point, Emily is NOT happy, surely there is a girl in there.  Last chance, Baby C was a girl at the last one, this time, BABY C is a....wait, the baby is not cooperating with us.  The tech spent a couple of minutes trying to figure it out, but BABY C was not cooperating.  The tech went on and continued with the measurements and came back several minutes later.  The whole time Emily referred to BABY C as a girl.  OK, here it is, the official word is BABY C is a...

This is Emily's favorite picture of all time!  Even though she didn't get the 2 girls that she wanted, she got her girl!  She is SO happy about that.  I too am ecstatic that we will have a VERY spoiled little girl with 5 brothers to protect and watch over her!  So, there you have it, the Hutchings are going to have 5 boys and 1 girl!  Till next time!

Here are some pics to enjoy:

Apparently there are 3 babies in this picture!

Baby B...Boy!

I think that Baby B is going to be the most photographed!


  1. Ha! I have never seen Emily embarrassed but I remember her making me turn red ALL THE TIME! Congrats on the boys and THE GIRL! Woohoo! -Carole

  2. AHHHHHHHHH! They look like little sea monkeys! :) So glad you guys are getting a girl! It would have been CRUEL for it to have been three more boys. Just cruel. :)

  3. How can anyone tell what in those ultra sounds? I am so glad you get a little girl. Did you decide on names for the boys yet?