Saturday, August 25, 2012

Boys and/or Girls

Well, here we come triplets!!!  Here are just a few of the things that we will need to upgrade to, I hope you're ready.  Feel free to laugh with us (you might be laughing AT us, but we won't know any different because we are laughing too)

3 High Chairs 
Peg Perego Triplet Stroller
Triple Stroller
3 Car Seats

3 Cribs

I think you get the idea.  By the way, I got these pictures off the internet, so it in no way translates to our actual stuff (just throwing that out there).  We, at this point in the pregnancy anyway, have somewhat come to terms with it all.  We are SO excited to have the addition of triplets.  That said, we FREAK out when we think of it all logistically (I like to think that anybody would).  Just look at the above pictures and disagree with it, I dare you!

Wow, triplets.  I know I have said it before, but how do you even prepare for it?  Ideas are very much welcomed.  It has seriously been an emotional roller-coaster.  Like I mentioned, we are SO excited to be welcoming these 3 babies into our home, I would have it no other way, I think it will be hard, VERY hard, especially for Emily.  It is nice to know that we have family and friends who are very excited to help (at least that's what they've told us, and I would like to believe them!).  So, thank you in advance, because I know that we couldn't do it without everyone's help!

Well, get on with it, right?  So, we have had a couple of weeks for it to set in since our last ultrasound where we found out it is triplets.  I think we're fine with it, for the most part.  I personally love the unexpected in life.  For instance, not only the triplets, but our cruise that got stranded in the ocean in Nov 2010, I was the only one that enjoyed that whole trip.  It is just kind of a blast to do things off the cuff, especially when you plan something and it goes completely opposite of how you plan it, that is what I really enjoy.

July 19, 2012.  We went in for the 12 week ultrasound.  This one is just a relatively quick check to make sure the babies are still doing well, measuring ok, and heartbeats are good.  We were hoping to be able to tell the sexes of the babies, because sometimes you can at the 12 week appointment.  They were looking around at the trio, everything was looking beautiful, measuring wonderfully, and heartbeats were great.  Their spinal cord area was measuring really well too, that is measured to check for some abnormalities (with triplets, I guess it is a huge concern at this stage), and they all measured fine in the spine! 

Here are a couple of pictures of their profiles (it is amazing that you can already see the profiles at this stage at a little over 2 inches long):

Baby A

Baby B

Baby C
We asked the ultrasound technician to tell us the sexes.  She said that at this stage it is very difficult to tell unless the baby REALLY cooperates.  She told us that she would give us her guess, but that's all it was, a guess, not for sure.  We would have to wait until the 17 week ultrasound to know for sure.  Remember from the last post, that all of the babies will be the same now, Baby A will always be Baby A, etc.  So, here is what the tech told us (remember, these are just guesses):

Just to reiterate, this is just a guess.  1 boy and 2 girls.  Looks like Emily will finally get her little girls!  Ok, I am excited to get a couple of little princesses.  Now, let the name fest begin.  We will find out for sure at the next ultrasound in 5 weeks, she got a pretty good look, so it shouldn't change (however, based on our luck so far with what ultrasound techs have told us up until now, we can't put too much credit into it until it is 100%).  We have to wait 5 weeks to see our babies again?  Well, I guess we will survive.  In the meantime, we are going on our cruise (you can read all about that trip at ).  Till next time!

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  1. I love this blog!!! Jake you are a very clever writer....and I must say I like the 3 cribs pic!!