Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Waiting Game

This is a good point to say thank you to one of the greatest women I know, my mom.  It was such a privilege to have her come out and watch "the brothers" for us while we were in Chicago, it truly meant a lot that she came out--Thanks Mom!  Not only was she in charge of watching our boys, but she was also put in charge of watching the newest addition to our family.  Let me explain:

The day before we left for Chicago, Emily texted me and said, "We should get a bunny."  My first thought was, "What did you just say? Where did that come from?"  I asked her where she got that idea, because she has wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with pets (any kind of pet).  She said that on the ward blog, someone had posted that there were bunnies for sale ($8) and that she thought it would be fun for the kids (to this day, I am still shocked that she wanted to do this).  I said OK and we went and looked at the little bunnies.  The people selling them only had one left, it was a cute little thing, and Emily fell in love with it.  So, introducing the newest member of the Hutchings household, as of May 4, 2012, I give you:

If anyone asks who the rabbit belongs to, Cooper will instantly say, "Mine!"  But, the truth of the matter is that the true owner of the rabbit is Emily.  She will never admit to that, but it's true.  Here are a couple more pictures for ya (Ethan thinks that she REALLY loves carrots): 

Back to the reason behind this whole blog, the story.  I got home late Monday night so that I could go back to work the following morning, I had to leave Emily in Chicago which was not fun.  The actual transfer of the embryos wasn't going to happen until Saturday, so she was just sitting out there with not much to do for 3-4 days.  Most of you have probably already read her account of the transfer here:, but I am going to give my version.

As I have mentioned, my mom came down to help with the brothers while I was at work, she stayed with us until Friday afternoon (thanks again Mom for doing that).  Friday night was our ward's Father/Son Campout.  I unfortunately didn't go because I had to be in a cell phone area early Saturday morning for the phone call about the transfer.  Cooper was a little heart-broken that he couldn't go camping, that is his favorite thing to do in the world!  So, we had to stay home.

I got the phone call Saturday morning with Emily and Dr. Sherbahn asking a few questions about how many of the four viable embryos we wanted to put back into Emily, or what to do with the ones we don't transfer.  He told us that the embryos did not look to good, we had a pretty big fall off rate, meaning that most of the eggs that fertilized were lost, or just didn't continue to grow.  We did have 4 that were ok, they were at the morula stage as opposed to the blastula stage which gives better odds for pregnancy.  The doctor said that because they were still a little less developed than he likes, he would put up to 3 back in, even doing that he said that the likelihood of getting pregnant was not great, let alone the chance all three of them taking was about 0% (seems kinda funny now, huh?)  We decided to put 3 back in and see what happened to the fourth for another day (to see if it continued to grow or not).

That night I got on the internet and did some research about morula vs. blastula transfers, and for the most part, they were actually kind of positive, so that got my hopes up a little bit.  We were really hoping that we would get twins, after all both her mom and my mom had twins, also Dagmar had twins (from the same doctor we went to), so we would be able to go to them for advice.  Plus, with twins, we felt like we would be able to feel satisfied and say that we were definitely done with the in-vitro thing and we would be happy if that was our family.

The transfer went well, Emily had to take it easy for a couple of days.  The doctor called us the next day and told us that the other embryo didn't make it, so we were pretty sure that we weren't going to get pregnant.  My hopes were brought down again.  

Funny story, Emily had this thought in the back of her head that her flight home was Monday night, so on Sunday, she went to church, got back to the hotel and looked online to make sure her flight was all set for Monday, and low and behold--she had already missed her flight!  It was scheduled for Sunday morning.  So, she had to spend a few (quite a few, actually) so that she could get home.  I was just happy to get her home.  

At this point, the waiting game really began.  We had to wait for 2 weeks to see if we were pregnant or not.  That is the worst!  All of you mothers out there can relate to that, the anticipation of, "Am I pregnant or not?"  This is where I will leave you now, in anticipation to see if we got pregnant (haha!).

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